Energy Efficiency and Energy Markets

Postgraduate course. Face-to-face.


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The programme in Energy Efficiency and Energy Markets includes, on the one side, theory sessions where participants acquire the knowledge necessary to develop their professional project. On the other side, participants will also attend hands-on sessions, based on visits and discussions in class, providing them with a view applied to the knowledge gained. Debate sessions will be lead by professionals working in the energy sector.


Current Energy Situation and Future Alternatives
2 ECTS. 19 teaching hours.
1. The current energy system:
Sources of fossil energy:
- Resources and reserves
- Origin
- Production and Consumption
Sources of renewable energy.
Environmental impact.
The Kyoto Protocol.
Energy sustainability.

2. Future technologies: a general overview
Hydrogen production and storage.
Hydrogen applications: direct use in the automotive sector, fuel cells, hydrogen-based combined cycle systems.
The outlook for hydrogen and the hydrogen economy.
Energy Efficiency
6 ECTS. 54 teaching hours.
Basic concepts and examples of efficient technologies.
Energy diagnostics and auditing.
Energy efficiency in the housing sector; the industrial sector; the transport sector and in the distribution of electricity.
Efficient energy management in various processes.
Energy Markets
4 ECTS. 44 teaching hours.
Introduction to grid-bound energy. A description of the electricity sector and the natural gas sector.
The energy economy and energy models:
- Energy markets.
- Energy cost.
- Market liberalisation.
- Taxation
- Emissions trading.
Debates with speakers from various industries to provide their views on the topic.
Project: design of a high-efficiency solution
3 ECTS. 12 teaching hours.
The final project must define a high energy efficiency solution. All projects must include the following:
- Description of the process
- Diagrams, design and dimensions of the installation
- Equipment selection
- Budget
- Cost analysis
The project must be carried out in groups of 3 or 4 and most of the work will need to be completed away from the classroom. However, introductory and group work follow-up sessions will take place in the classroom. The project will be presented publicly and is expected to account for 75 hours.
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