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The Spanish video game industry is consolidating as a driver in the digital economy, offering multiple opportunities for all businesses and participating in job creation. This sector is made up of 330 businesses across the State, 27.1% of these are concentrated in Catalonia. During 2013, the sector had a turnover of 313.7 million euros and an increase in the number of People employed was 29%. All this puts the game industry among major national digital content industries. This explosion coincides with the rise of mobile devices (smartphones and tablets). The growth forecast is 21% annually until 2017.

The video game industry requires highly qualified professionals, making the existence of a primordial quality training. Therefore, from the UPC School we organized the twelfth edition of the Masters in Design and Creation of Video Games and the eighth edition of the Master in Animation, Digital Art and Videogames. This training gives participants endless job opportunities in a wide range of sectors such as project management, programming, art direction, graphic design and 3D animation. The link between this training and the world of business is crucial is imperative.

In the master involving more than 50 companies that offer students lectures and conference sessions, through which pass on their knowledge and bring us closer to the reality of the sector. We must emphasize the high level of employability and the opportunity to work experience through partners. The result of all this methodology, essentially professional, the participation of Social Point through its sponsorship in the 3 Headed Monkey Awards.

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  • To learn about the creation process of a videogame, as well as about each of its related parts.
  • To identify the elements involved in videogame programming and design.
  • To learn to program all forms, facets and genres of videogames.
  • To acquire knowledge in the areas of artistic, graphic, modelling and 3D animation design.
  • To learn to use programming tools and IT software solutions.

Who is it for

Aimed at developers interested in creating video games of any kind, complexity and platform. Students will be able to implement individually any 2D game, make a proper 3D game engine group, use motors market and implement any type of virtual reality project.

Also it's aimed at software engineers and technical software engineers, industrial engineers or people who have completed higher computing modules; and multimedia graduates with Degrees in Arts and people with skills in design, production applications or who are interested in this sector.


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Classes start:04/10/2016 Classes end:14/09/2017Programme ends: 05/10/2017
Monday  18:30 to 21:30Tuesday  18:30 to 21:30Thursday  18:30 to 21:30
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Tech Talent Center
C/ de Badajoz, 73-77
08005 Barcelona

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