Architecture and Energy Saving: Software Tools for Design and Evaluation

Postgraduate course. Online.


UPC School

The course in Architecture and Energy Saving is done face to face in Barcelona, but also exists the possibility to be done on line.

The architecture and construction evolve towards approaches and solutions that strive for efficiency and energy savings to achieve a lower dependency on fossil or nuclear energy sources. This postgraduate course responds to the tendency of recent years for the development of computer programs that provide the opportunity to evaluate the energy consumption of buildings. These tools are contributing positively to the quality of the projects that increasingly incorporate digital analysis and energy reports in the design process, as well as in complying with current regulations or in rehabilitating and renovating existing buildings.

We chose the software with better projection, the most complete ones and most reliable to fulfill this trend, also in the academic education:


( +info about the chosen software)

*This software may be substituted due to contents update 


- To train technicians in energy management that will dominate the latest trends in computing and energy calculation engines.
- Learn to adapt to the future and new applications.
- Become familiar with the configuration, monitoring, simulation, calculation and application of the results in real life.
- Knowledge of "Parametric Energy Architecture" and training for energy reporting.
- Use tools to evaluate and propose improvements in the projects, which make them much more efficient and environmentally friendly.
- Be able to apply with more ease and reliability, energy certification referred to in the Technical Building Code (CTE) in architectural projects.
- Increase the field of professional work of the participants.
- Acquire new skills that will be essential in project teams, competitions, research groups and leadership roles
- Promote the exchange of knowledge among multidisciplinary groups from different sectors.

Who is it for

The program is aimed at professionals in the sectors of construction, industry, economy, energy, environment and sustainability

University qualifications fit the usual courses offered are:
- Architects.
- Engineers or technicians.
- Graduates in environmental disciplines.

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(180 teaching hours)

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Classes start:16/02/2017 Classes end:01/06/2017Programme ends: 01/07/2017
Thursday  16:00 to 20:00Friday  16:00 to 20:00Saturday  10:00 to 14:00

Registration fee:
2.500 €

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Registration open until the beginning of the course or until end of vacancies.

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