Energy Efficiency and Energy Markets

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As things currently stand, 80% of our energy consumption is based on fossil fuels. These resources are of a finite nature and have an undeniable impact on our environment. This situation will only get worse if left unchecked over time as the world's population grows and the emerging nations strive to improve living conditions for their people, which inevitably involves gaining access to energy sources. This will lead to serious economic consequences given that any growth in demand will raise the cost of these resources.

Within this context, the UPC School has decided to put the spotlight on energy efficiency; one of the most important waypoints on the path to a more balanced world. This Graduate Degree in Energy Efficiency and Energy Markets offers its students a general overview of the current situation and exhaustive training on energy alternatives aimed at ending our dependency on such fuels as oil, coal and natural gas. Furthermore, the degree programme also highlights the need to adopt such measures as energy containment and saving.

This graduate degree programme is aimed at enabling students to identify energy needs within the home, the industrial sector or the construction sector. Students will also be able to detect weak spots in the production process of an industry or provide tools to gain knowledge of the energy market. The course is taught by both UPC faculty staff and professionals from specialised companies in the sector, who can offer real experiences from the professional world.


  • To provide students with tools that enable them to distinguish between efficient and non-efficient technologies and apply this concept to various fields.
  • To implement the new Technical Building Code or energy certification for buildings in the housing sector.
  • To identify the production processes adopted by companies in order to guarantee their sustainability and efficiency in terms of such issues as lighting and air conditioning.
  • To detect whether industries have contracted the best energy alternative or whether they could generate a saving with a contract change.

Who is it for

  • Industrial engineers wishing to specialise in the field of energy
  • Architects and technical architects
  • Professionals from the construction, installations or engineering sectors interested in the field of energy

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Start date:March 2017 End date:July 2017
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Tech Talent Center
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