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Do you know what's behind the term "Business Process Management"?.

Probably the first thing that comes to mind when you talk about "BPM" is "Process Management". But are we talking about Management "of" processes or Management "for" processes? It doesn't seem that a mere preposition could not have much impact on the concept, but it does - and a great deal.

On the other hand, when we talk about BPM, we're talking about techniques, methodology or even a discipline.

The governing bodies of businesses understand the clear advantages of management "for processes and of processes" to achieve their business objectives, which they have established in a position as those responsible for their company's strategy. But.... do they really have a clear and reliable picture of how to deal with the acquisition of management solutions for/of processes? Do they apply a methodology that experience has shown to have the best chances of success?

There has been an obvious increase in demand in the labour market to cover the post of Chief Commercial Officer (CCO) focused on a company's operational improvement, using BPM solutions, the application of business rules management systems (BRMS), and even seeking targets with improved efficiency for automating activities, improved visibility of business processes and - why not - operational control over it.

But do we really know what benefits we can achieve if we decide to "do BPM" in our company? Do we make a clear distinction when it comes to efficiency and effectiveness? Are we able to correctly focus our projects in terms of planning, cost estimation, even when applying BPM best practices?

It is a world in which terms like "digital", "mobility", "automation", "business benefits"... are the norm. What does Management of/for processes have to do with all this? Is it a term that is obsolete?

In the continuous training course at the Fundación Politécnica de Catalunya, we aim to answer these and many other questions.

If you are a professional or graduate, who needs to enter the world of management of/for processes, you are a graduate who sees Management of/ for processes as a means of professional development, or it is simply a subject that interests you, the continuous training course on BPM is the tool that will help you take the next step forward.


  • To consolidate the concepts around the concept of "BPM", such as efficiency, effectiveness, business rules and case management.
  • To understand the major advantages involved in analysing, modelling and documenting business processes aligned with organisations' strategic objectives.
  • To learn about tried and tested highly successful methods for implementing BPM solutions, which enable you to carry out plans that are realistic, successful, viable and sustainable.
  • To learn at first hand about case studies of companies that have decided to "do BPM," along with the lessons learned and best practices. 
  • To apply real market leading solutions on practical basis, with a broad overview of the solutions on the market.

Who is it for

  • Professionals wishing to consolidate their knowledge base on Management of/for processes.
  • Professionals engaged in improving the efficiency of their companies, wishing to clarify their doubts about BPM.
  • Professionals who see management of/for processes as a tool for enhancing their employability and professional development. 
  • College graduates (or students in their last year) motivated by business improvement through proper management of processes.
  • Professionals and graduates wishing to supplement their knowledge with a range of skills inherent in Management of/for processes (analysis, synthesis,      communication, government, BPM project management).


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(63 teaching hours)

Start date:
Start date:15/02/2017 End date:12/07/2017
Wednesday  18:30 to 21:30
Taught at:
Tech Talent Center
C/ de Badajoz, 73-77
08005 Barcelona

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1.400 €

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Registration open until the beginning of the course or until end of vacancies.

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