Prevención de Riesgos Laborales. Especialidades en Seguridad, Higiene y Ergonomía.

Master's degree. Semi-distance.

Management & Faculty

UPC School

Academic management

  • Rodríguez Mondelo, Pedro

Academic coordination

  • Sánchez Ferradal, Paula

Teaching staff

  • Abad Puente, Jesús
  • Bernal Domínguez, Felix
  • Bestraten Bellovi, Manel
    Industrial Engineer and Architect. Director of the Working Materials Conditions Programme at the "Centro Nacional de Condiciones de Trabajo"(National Working Conditions Centre) of INSHT. He has ample experience as a conference speaker on areas related to security and hygiene in the workplace. He is the coordinator of the workplace security module for the Master's course in Occupational Risk Prevention at the UPC.
  • Boix de Gispert, Eva
  • Caballero Mestres, Antoni
  • Castejon Vilella, Emilio
  • Cruceta Arbolós, Gloria
  • Dalmau Pons, Ines
  • Ferrer Puig, Ramon
  • Guardino Sola, Xavier
  • Llacuna Morera, Jaime
  • Llaneza Álvarez, Francisco Javier
  • Luna Mendaza, Pablo
  • Martos Cabrera, Òscar
  • Otero Sierra, Carmen
  • Rosal López, Gustavo Adolfo
  • Sánchez Ferradal, Paula
  • Tisaire Berga, David
  • Ureña Maggi, Julio
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