Desarrollo Urbano y Territorial: Gestión y Transformación de las Ciudades

Master's degree. Face-to-face.

Management & Faculty

UPC School

Academic management

  • Llop Torné, Carles
    Doctor in Architecture and Urban Design. Director of the Department of Urbanism and Regional Planning of the Technical University of Catalonia

Academic coordination

  • Espinosa Marturet, Maria Isabel

Teaching staff

  • Balari Muñoz, Jordi
    Architect. Member of Architects Without Borders - International.
  • Bestraten Castells, Sandra Cinta
  • Blanco Fillola, Ismael
  • Borthagaray, Andrés
  • Bove, Emanuela
  • Campos Cacheda, José Magín
    Doctorate in Civil Engineering, specializing in Construction, Organization and Management from the University of Cantabria. Postgraduate Diploma in Mobility Planning and Management, Master's Degree in e-Logistics & Supply Chain Management, Master's Degree in Law and Shipping Maritime Business and Port Management and a Master's Degree in Mobility Planning and Management; in addition to various postgraduate courses in municipal and road safety engineering. He has won two prizes related to civil engineering (DRAGADOS and URALITA). He joined the CENIT (Spanish Industrial Technological Development Centre) in 2004. He also works with the Polytechnic University of Catalonia.
  • Carrera Alpuente, Josep Maria
  • Carrillo Messa, Diego
  • Castell Puig, Carles
  • Cendrós i Ollé, Berta
  • Centelles Portella, Josep
  • Claret i Puyal, David
  • Clavell Nadal, Dolors
  • Codina Joseph, Xavier
  • de la Varga Mas, Octavio
  • Delgado Artega, Manuel
  • Delpiano, Alessandro
  • Domingo Utset, Guillem
  • Espinosa Marturet, Maria Isabel
  • Esteban Noguera, Juli
  • Estela Barnet, Oriol
  • Estrada Romeu, Miquel Àngel
  • Fernández de Losada Passols, Agustí
  • Figueroa Monsalve, Oscar
  • Garola Crespo, Àlvar
    Economist from the University of Barcelona, he holds the Advanced Studies Diploma program in "Management Planning and Transport Infrastructure" from the UPC. He has been a researcher at Stanford University in the design and analysis of economic forecasting models. He has worked in the cabinet of Economic Studies SA between 1984 and 1999 as a project manager directing studies in transport economics issues, provision of infrastructure, construction industry and urban and regional economics. Since 1991 he is professor at the Department of Transport and Regional Planning at the Polytechnic University of Catalonia. She teaches in the degree in Civil Engineering and Master of Logistics, Transportation, and Mobility, Environmental Engineering, Sustainability and Infrastructure Management.
  • Golda-Pongratz, Kathrin
    Doctor of Architecture and Urbanism at the University of Karlsruhe (2006) Since 2007 she teaches in the Masters Program Urban Agglomerations, University of Applied Sciences Frankfurt am Main, Germany. She is a member of the Deutscher Werkbund Hessen, Society work German research on Latin America (Adlaf) member of Group scientific research planning and construction in countries development (Trialog).
  • Herrero Canela, Maria
  • Hildenbrand Scheid, Andreas
  • Horrach Estarellas, Gabriel Pere
  • Itriago Pels, Carlos
  • Jiménez Roig, Cristina
  • Jornet Forner, Sebastià
  • Llop Torné, Carles
    Doctor in Architecture and Urban Design. Director of the Department of Urbanism and Regional Planning of the Technical University of Catalonia
  • Llop Torné, Josep Mª
    Architect Planner (UPC, 1973). Director Planning and Environment of Lleida (1979-1988 and 1991-2003). Director of Planning of the City of Barcelona (1987-1991), before the 1992 Olympic Games. Professor of the University of Lleida and the Polytechnic University of Catalonia. First Prize of Catalonia Urban General Plan 1995-2015 Lleida. Project Coordinator "Management and control of urbanization" of the URB-AL Network on tools for urban income redistribution. Program Director of the International Union of Architects and UNESCO Chair on "Intermediate Cities, Urbanization and Development".
  • Lorenzo Gálligo, Pedro
    PhD in Architecture. Department of Projects University of Catalonia (UPC)
  • Magrinyà Torner, Francesc
  • Martínez García, David
  • Matilla Ayala, Xavier
  • Miralles i Ventimilla, Eduard
  • Mongil Juarez, David
  • Montlleó Balsebre, Marc
  • Morell i Rosell, Ramon
  • Navarro Acebes, Ferran
    Architect. He has worked as Head of Planning in several municipalities (L'Hospitalet de Llobregat, Santa Coloma de Gramenet, L'Arboç, La Bisbal del Penedes ...) Professor of the Department of Urbanism and Regional Planning of the UPC since 1982. Own office since 1976, draft of general and derivative planning (especially historical centers) and of documents for the urban development management. He has written several books and articles about the urban development management, especially on the execution of the urbanism and the transformation of the built city.
  • Nel·Lo Colom, Oriol
  • Peremiquel Lluch, Francesc
    Doctor of Architecture (UPC). Professor of the Department of Urbanism and Regional Planning at the ETSAB (UPC). Professor of several graduate programs. Author and director of researching works in the field of Urban Transformation and Urban Residential Project. Member of the Urban planning Research Group. Municipal Architect of Badalona (1985-2007) where was head of urban planning.
  • Roa López, Miquel
  • Robusté Antón, Francesc
  • Rodriguez i Villaescusa, Eduard
  • Salazar Ferro, Jose Alfonso
  • Saurí Marchán, Sergi
  • Serra Amengual, Pere
  • Subirats Humet, Joan
  • Thorson, Leif
  • Trapote Barreira, Cesar
    Civil engineer from the Technical University of Catalonia, MBA by Esade and he holds the official master degree in Aeronautical Management from the Autonomous University of Barcelona (UAB). He joined in 2010 the CENIT research group as a project director in the Airports and Air Transportation area. With more than eight years of professional activity in this sector, he has worked as a technical director in an aeronautical company and as a teacher at the UPC. Actually, he collaborates in several professional masters. He was awarded in the civil engineering domain with the Basf Award in 2006, and with the Celsa Award in 2007.
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