Industrial and Services Project Management

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Management & Faculty

UPC School

Academic management

  • Cuatrecasas Arbós, Lluís
    Industrial engineer and UPC Professor. President of the Lean Management Institute of Spain. Author of various books. Industrial business consultant.

Academic coordination

  • Sardà Ferrer, Joan
    Economist. Lecturer in the Business Organisation Department of the UPC.

Teaching staff

  • Angulo Navarro, Emilio
    PhD in Industrial Engineering and MA in Business Administration. Head Development Engineer in the R&D Department at Hewlett Packard. Associate professor in the Project Department of the UPC, and contributing lecturer in various universities and university foundations. Expert in the design of electric motorcycles.
  • Asensio García, José
    Technical-Mechanical Engineer with 30 years working for Nissan Motor Ibérica S.A. in various management positions in Logistics, Production and Nissan Production Way. Has participated in various synchronised production seminars and worked for JIT Kaizen (in Japan and the US). His speciality in the frame of the Engiplant Master's course is the resolution of problems in the Kaizen area. Currently Lean and Supply Chain Project Manager at Itemsa.
  • Barba Ibáñez, Enrique
  • Bolivar, Cristina
    Organisational Psychology graduate and specialist in organisational development, comprehensive communication and marketing.
  • Casanovas Villanueva, August
  • Consolación Segura, Carolina
    PhD and Tenured Lecturer of the Business Organisation Department of the UPC. Degree in Economics and Business from the UB.
  • Cuatrecasas Castellsagués, Oriol
    BEng in Industrial Engineering. Specialist Consultant in Lean Manufacturing. Member of the Lean Management Institute of Spain.
  • Deulofeu Aymar, Joaquim
    Degree and PhD in economics. Quality implementation consultant. Associate professor of the Business Organisation Department of the UPC.
  • Herranz Sotoca, Antonio
    Partner at Ydros, a consultancy specialised in Strategic Management and Organisational Remuneration-based Development. Graduated in Social Psychology from the UB, with a Master's degree in Organisational and Process Consulting from the Fundació les Heures - UB. Associate Professor at the Fundació Politécnica de Catalunya and other Business Schools, with ample experience in both in the public and private sectors. Specialised in strategic HR management, remuneration systems and Executive Coaching.
  • León Márquez, Domingo
    Bachelor in Business Administration and Master's in Banking from the UPC. Expert in bank financing.
  • Molas i Beykirch, Isabel
    Master's degree in Management of Organisational Communication from the UB. Master's degree in European Business Studies from the University of Sheffield (UK). Diploma in Business Management and Marketing from ESMA. Founding member of the company MiB. Specialised consultant in organisational development and services and communication management. Specialised trainer in development of managerial and communication skills.
  • Moya Valladares, Aránzazu
    Industrial Engineer. Plant manager at Magna-Donelli.
  • Mussons Sellés, Jaume
    PhD Industrial Engineering. Lecturer for the Business Organisation Department of the UPC. Business Consultant.
  • Plana Castillo, Antonio
    A Physical Science graduate, he spent two years teaching before joining IBM, spending his entire career to date working in Information Technology. He is currently the worldwide manager of Banking Industry Solutions at IBM, for both distribution channels and customer care, and spearheaded the creation of the IBM Banking Industry Solution Centre in Barcelona. A certified Project Manager, he was in charge of leading large teams during the system development project, Sydney 2000 Olympics.
  • Puente Quer, Josep
  • Romero Cuadros, Antònia
    Psychologists, Master's in Coaching. Coach and consultant at Argos Coaching, S.L. Contributor to the Business Organisation Department of the UPC.
  • Sardà Ferrer, Joan
    Economist. Lecturer in the Business Organisation Department of the UPC.
  • Suarez Gabarro, Roman
    Industrial Engineer.
  • Teixidó Escobar, Jordi
  • Torrell Martínez, Francesca
    Senior Telecommunications Engineer. Master's degree in Production Organisation and Engineering and Industrial plant Manager at (Engiplant). Consultant in Maintenance Management.
  • Tusquets Aznarez, Xavier
    Critical Chain Consultant at TEOCE.
  • Vilalta Beltri, José Miguel
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