Management and Consultancy on new Technologies and Systems

Postgraduate course. Face-to-face.

Management & Faculty

UPC School

Academic management

  • Ubach Nualart, Carles
    Industrial Engineer. IESE Graduate. Business and Technology Consultant.

Teaching staff

  • Barba Ibáñez, Enrique
  • Blasi i Darner, Alexandre
  • Bosch i Garcia, Jordi
    BEng in Telecommunications, UPC.
  • Busquet Cos, Anna
  • Calvo Nuño, Julio
    Industrial Engineering degree from the UPC and MBA from ISADE. He started his professional career at Andersen Consulting, which is currently known as Accenture and later became part of the Organisational Unit of the Barcelona Olympic Committee 92 (COOB for its acronym in Spanish). He has worked as Director of Organisation and Information Systems for various companies in the private sector. Since 2006 he has been the Director of consultancy in a company that specialises in project management and also worked in the Emergency Services, Security and Health sectors. Director of the 112 project in Catalonia he later became the head manager of the state-owned company that currently manages the same project. Professor of Project Management.
  • Cornet Prat, Joan
    Technical Engineer in Metallurgy from the UPC and Degree holder in Psychology from the UB. He has worked as a clinical psychologist and previously headed organisations on both local and European levels. Specialist in organisational psychology, he helped start BIOCAT in 2005 and is currently the CEO of the Fundación TicSalut (TicSalut Foundation). He is a professor at IL3/UB and the UOC.
  • Cortés Serra, Laia
    Degree holder in Pedagogy from the URL (Blanquerna) Specialising in In-company training. Skills trainer in the areas of: communication, leading groups, leadership, meeting management and development of relationship skills.
  • Damià López, Jordi
    Advanced Engineering Degree in Telecommunications. Master's degree in Business Management from South Methodist Dallas University. He has worked at the highest management levels in areas such as ICT for Pepsico, Fira de Barcelona, Winterthur, Axa and Renta Corporation. He was the General Director of the Universidad de Barcelona.
  • Hernández Barjola, Salvi
    Founding member of Sigma Consulting Associates. Radio collaborator for Intereconomía and Barcelona Activa.
  • Lázaro Esteban, Jesús
    Coordinator of the Business Management module which forms part of the Master's Course in Business Innovation taught by the UPC School. Electrical engineer. General Management Programme by the IESE. Associate consultant at STRAX. Lecturer in Strategic Management and Entrepreneurship on the MBA course of the Universidad Politécnica de Cataluña ('Polytechnic University of Catalonia'). Lecturer in Strategic Management and Business Planning at the UOC.
  • Mir Casals, Josep
    Electronics Engineer (UPC) degree in Market Technniques and Research (UOC), Master in Operations Management (ESADE). Project Management Professional by PMI. Public Sector Customers Manager at T-Systems. He has over 25 years experience in IT companies: Telefónica, Indra, Coritel /Accenture, EDS and T-Systems
  • Molas i Beykirch, Isabel
    Master's degree in Management of Organisational Communication from the UB. Master's degree in European Business Studies from the University of Sheffield (UK). Diploma in Business Management and Marketing from ESMA. Founding member of the company MiB. Specialised consultant in organisational development and services and communication management. Specialised trainer in development of managerial and communication skills.
  • Navarro Pérez, Jordi
    Degree holder in IT Engineering. Master's degree in IT Management. PDD from IESE. He has given seminars in: "Innovating from the CIO rol" at Babson College (Boston), "IT as a strategic and competitive weapon" at IESE, "Succeeding in Global Environments" at London Business School, "Leading IT organisations through the global crisis" at INSEAD, and "IT Fuel for growth" at the Copenhagen Business School. Member of the Electronic Commerce Committee of AECOC since 2001.
  • Palomo Garcia, Fernando
  • Perernau i Carin, Montserrat
  • Ramos i Amat, Francesc
    BA in Social Sciences (UB). Masters in Marketing (EAE-UPC). MBA (EAE-UPC). Associate Director, Talman Group.
  • Ubach Nualart, Carles
    Industrial Engineer. IESE Graduate. Business and Technology Consultant.
  • Vilà Solanes, Josep M.
  • Villalante Llauradó, Manel
    Industrial Engineer. Formerly General Manager of Land Transport at the Ministerio de Fomento and the Generalitat de Catalunya, as well as memeber of the Board of Directors at companies such as RENFE, TMB, Gisa, IFERCAT or Ferrocarrils de la Generalitat.
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Start date:November 2017 End date:June 2018
Monday  18:30 to 21:30Wednesday  18:30 to 21:30
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Tech Talent Center
C/ de Badajoz, 73-77
08005 Barcelona

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