Automobile Electrical and Electronics. ELTICA

Postgraduate course. Face-to-face.

Management & Faculty

UPC School

Academic management

  • González Benítez, Maria Margarita
    PhD in Science. Professor of Engineering Projects Department of the UPC. Specialist in design for the environment and sustainability tools must.
  • Escribà Murciano, Jordi

Academic coordination

  • Blanch Tyroller, Carolina

Teaching staff

  • Aparicio Salazar, Andrés
  • Baños Serradilla, Víctor
  • Blanch Tyroller, Carolina
  • Bover Solano, Ramón
  • Claudios, Francisco
  • Colomer Mur, Josep Maria
    Bachelor of Information Sciences. Master NLP. Associate professor at UPC Business Organization Department. Member of the Expert Network in Leadership Development within the Coaching area at Barcelona Activa Teacher and coach in management skills. Teacher in personal skills development programs at UPC PhD office and UPC Alumni
  • Cort Tobías, Xavier
    BSC Industrial Engineering. Thermal Management Product Manager at IDIADA, including activities of Aerodynamics, Engine Cooling and HVAC. Member of ISO working group, for the development of thermal environmental regulations. Collaboration on European R+D projects, focused on innovation and efficiency improvement on Cooling and HVAC systems.
  • Corull Massana, Ernest
  • Díaz Millán, Manuel Alberto
  • Edesa González, Sergio
    Telecommunication Engineer by the ETSIT of the University of Valladolid. He worked in Daimler AG for 6 months developing CANoe simulations in Sindelfingen (Germany). Currently working in HIL projects for Bertrandt AG in Barcelona.
  • Elvira Avila, Carlos
  • Ferrer Peretó, Josep
    Technical telecommunications engineer in the Electronics specialty and master's degree in telematics at the UPC. Since 1995 he works at SEAT Technical Center in the Electric-Electronic development department. From beginning he has participated in the introduction and development of CAN Bus in SEAT models as an analyst and trainer. He is currently responsible for the Team Architecture, Gateway and Diagnosis.
  • García Simeó, Miguel
    Telecommunications Engineer at Universidad Politécnica de Valencia. Since 2002 working in automotive sector, in infotainment field, with professional experiences in supplier companies as well as in car makers. Currently responsible at SEAT technical center for development of infotainment devices.
  • Geibel, Frank
  • González Arbesú, José María
    Engineer and Doctor Engineer of Telecommunication from 1992 and 2000, respectively, both degrees from the Technical University of Catalonia (UPC). From 1994 to 2000 he joined the University of Zaragoza, as associate teacher and coordinator of the subjects of radio frequency, radar and satellite navigation systems. From 2000 to 2001 he worked at the company Tradia (nowadays AbertisTelecom) in his department of radio links as engineer of network Planning. From 2002 to 2007, he obtained a post-doctoral investigator grant from the Ramon y Cajal program. From 2008 he is an associated professor at the UPC. Your research activities include the characterization of antennas by means of infrared thermographies, the design and evaluation of small antennas, the system design of integrated antennas with surfaces of high impedance and the design of algorithms of optimization for the automatic synthesis of antenna radiation patterns in radars SAR
  • Gutiérrez Fernández, Marta
  • Hekler Merino, Álvaro Huascar
  • Hernando Fernández, Francisco Javier
  • Hupel, Martín
  • Ibáñez Abad, Juan de Dios
  • Laborda Berzal, José María
  • Magariño Barreto, Carolina
  • Medina Pérez, Víctor
  • Merino Rodríguez, Antonio
    He is an Industrial Engineer Electrical branch for specialty electronics EUITIB. Since 1986 works at the SEAT Technical Centre in electrical development having held various responsibilities within the electronic area. He is currently Head of Electromobility and Energy Systems at the SEAT Technical Centre. He has collaborated with UPC and STA in various training programs, conferences, technical seminars and Masters.
  • Moncayo Chillón, Mariano
  • Olid i Dominguez, Bernat
    Technical Telecommunications engineer in Image and Sound specialty at the UPC, and master degree in Architectural and Environmental Acoustics at La Salle. Since 2011 he works at SEAT Technical Center in the Electric-Electronics development department, developing loudspeakers and Sound systems mainly for Audi cars. He has collaborated in the Master degree ELTICA since 2012 teaching the Sound lecture in Infotainment's module.
  • Oliveras Mérida, Víctor
  • Paredes Domínguez, Magnolia
  • París Garcia, Maite
  • Sabaté Bastán, Francesc
  • Salinas Villar, Antonio
  • Schunk, Matthias Josef
  • Sierra Garriga, Carlos
  • Solà-Morales, Jordi Aubert
  • Tarrés Ruiz, Francesc
  • Torrellas Pérez, Pablo
  • Valenzuela González, José Luis
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