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Date: 26-11-2019
Timetable: 7:00 pm to 8:00 pm
Location: Tech Talent Center (Badajoz, 73. Barcelona)
Contact: 931120883

An Open Class is to be held at 07:00 PM on tuesday 26-11-2019 at the Tech Talent Center (Badajoz, 73. Barcelona) on Postgraduate in Digital Business Transformation: Strategy and Implementation.

The digital transformation of companies is a phenomenon that has emerged in recent years, as users and customers have been able to access new technologies. This gives them more power when they interact with companies. Professionals involved in the management of business areas or innovation must acquire new skills and knowledge in order to address digital transformation reliably in their organisations.

This session will focus on presenting and analysing the opportunities for professionals wishing to update and refocus their profile towards leadership of the digital transformation of companies.

In specific terms, it will work on a new learning approach involving the discovery of the following components:

  • Society and People
  • Strategy and Digital Plan
  • Processes and Methodologies
  • Platforms and Technologies
The Session will also analyse how these relate to the various profiles and roles in the new digital society, on a sector by sector basis, by presenting Success stories.

In this Open Class, you will discover:

  • How can you evolve in the digital transformation of companies for different sectors and markets.
  • The profiles and talent required in each case.
  • How the postgraduate course in Digital Business Transformation can help you in your professional career

The speakers

Jordi Ruppmann – An expert professional in business and digital transformation, in the management of Organisation and Systems departments (including CIO at the RACC, RIU/TUI, NTR/ASG and DOGI) and in the management of companies in the consultancy and ICT sector (Accenture, EDS-HP, SIEMENS, UNISYS). A lecturer on bachelor's and master's degree courses in various areas of senior management.

Juan Trujillo - Deputy director and director for Catalonia of itSMF Spain. He currently shares his 20 years experience in Telefónica at his company, specialising in gamification, and is a tutor/lecturer in IT Services Application Management and Models in the master's degree in IT Project & Service Management at the UPC School.

This event is open and free. To attend, please confirm using the "I Will attend". Limited places.