Sistemas de Información Geográfica

Master's degree. Semi-distance.


UPC School


The master's degree programme is organized into the following modules. If you don't wish to take the entire master's degree you can sign on one or several modules.

GIS Technologies

Postgraduate course semi-distance. Start date: 16/10/2017. Barcelona

GIS Environmental Applications

Postgraduate course face-to-face. Start date: 19/02/2018. Barcelona

GIS Territorial Applications

Postgraduate course face-to-face. Start date: 19/02/2018. Barcelona

GIS: Territorial Studies

Lifelong learning course semi-distance. Start date: 20/02/2017. Barcelona

SIG y Gestión de la Ciudad

Lifelong learning course semi-distance. Start date: 27/03/2017. Barcelona

SIG: Estudios Medioambientales

Lifelong learning course semi-distance. Start date: 22/05/2017. Barcelona

Fuentes, Organización y Explotación de Datos Gráficos

Lifelong learning course semi-distance. Start date: 16/10/2017. Barcelona


Origin and Data Sources; Cartography
3 ECTS. 18 teaching hours.
  • Introduction to Geographic Information Systems.
  • Introduction to cartography, coordinate systems, reference systems and exixting data formats. Basics 2D. Data input accuracy.
  • Review and adaptation mapping from the CAD.
Análisis de Datos Geoespaciales en un Sistema de Información: Herramientas
5 ECTS. 44 teaching hours.
  • ArcGIS model. Cartographic display.
  • Interpretation of data using symbols.
  • Presentation of results: layouts, graphs and reports.
  • Analysis with ArcMap.
  • Structuring information - geodatabases.
  • QGIS: visualization, analysis and exploitation of data graphs.
  • Geomedia: visualization, analysis and exploitation of graphical data.
Introduction to Databases and GIS Programming Environments
6 ECTS. 40 teaching hours.
  • General concepts of programming and databases.
  • Hello World !, your first website: HTML and CSS.
  • Variables and constraints: basic JavaScript operations.
  • Loops and Arrays: how to turn elements.
  • How to insert an object Google Maps.
  • HTML semantics: meaning each item. Fences by address or location. Hello jQuery.
  • CSS Advanced: generalization of items. Markers maps.
  • How to integrate with external elements?
GIS Internet Technologies
10 ECTS. 72 teaching hours.
  • Introduction to server coverage and OGC.
  • Webmaping ¿ Software: client and server. MNU installation.
  • Display WMS: Leaflet, cesium 3D GoogleMaps and QGIS.
  • Creation of Mashupps. Lealfet.
  • Creation of Mashupps. Cesium 3D.
  • Creating Mashups. GoogleMaps.
  • Examples with advanced Leaflet.
  • SDI and other emerging technologies.
GIS Planning Tools
3 ECTS. 20 teaching hours.
  • Concepts and Tools for Planning and Territorial Management.
  • Case studies: Analysis and proposal versus planning and monitoring.
  • Bases, content, and data exploitation MUC
Methods of Analysis with GIS Strategic Planning
6 ECTS. 40 teaching hours.
  • Defining the strategic vectors of spatial analysis.
  • Workshop on Implementation for the implementation of sectors in Arcgis.
  • Definition of tools and technology Geoomedia.
  • Workshop application: Connections, Views, spatial analysis, influence, topology.
Local GIS
7 ECTS. 60 teaching hours.
  • Introduction to Smart Cities
  • Experiences and case studies.
  • Definition, bases, descriptors and parameters of the city.
  • Workshop Application: Calculation of indicators in the urban Arcgis
  • Experiences advanced local management:
    • SIGT engine of transparency, resilience and SmartCity.
    • Or projects and new initiatives to open data.
  • Workshop application: Preparation of databases for analysis in the GIS center of a local Arcgis
    • Or treatment cadastral data, planning and other data sources open.
    • Or representation of results in maps and 3D volumes.


Localisation and Geo-marketing
3 ECTS. 15 teaching hours.
  • Introduction to the use of GIS in the field of geolocation and in Geomarketing Geoomedia.
  • Workshop application: Analysis and Strategies geolocation and mobility
Datos SIG y Propuestas Medioambientales
2 ECTS. 15 teaching hours.
  • Basic concepts about environmental areas and vectors and the associated cartography.
  • Adequate understanding of the technical development of the Departamento de Medio Ambiente de Catalunya (The Catalonian Department of the Environment) in terms of natural space management.
  • Broad understanding of experiences and case studies of environmental GIS implementation.
  • Creation, organisation and management of information about natural spaces using GIS tools.
Estudios de Impacto y Gestión de Espacios Naturales con SIG
5 ECTS. 35 teaching hours.
  • Adequate understanding of natural and environmental resource analysis and management of information resources.
  • Perform collection, integration and processing of environmental information using IT resources available on an open network.
  • Make environmental impact studies, vulnerability maps and other environmental analyses using GIS tools.
  • Technical ability to create, organise and generate new environmental information using GIS tools.
  • Research into local plans of action and Agenda 21 plans for tracking urban transformation.
Tesina Máster SIG
10 ECTS. 100 teaching hours.
The UPC School reserves the right to modify the contents of the programme, which may vary in order to better accommodate the course objectives.
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