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Entrepreneurship and Lean Startups
4 ECTS. 24 teaching hours.
  • Introduction to Lean
  • The Entrepreneur's DNA. The Dilbert Factor
  • Innovation workshop
  • The Lean Startup Methodology. Customer Development
  • The Lean Sprint Experiment Methodology and Practice
  • Case study: Dropbox
  • Material and Tools. Business Ideas. Software factory
  • Presentation: How to make a good Elevator Pitch
Business Models
4 ECTS. 24 teaching hours.
  • New Business Models. Blue Ocean Strategy
  • Case study
  • Business Model Canvas
  • The Lean Canvas and Optimizing your business model
  • Formulating a killer Unique Value Proposition (UVP). Importance of your Offer
  • Sustainable Growth: the 3 engines of growth. Start-up Metrics
  • Presentation: Business Model Canvas
Product Creation
4 ECTS. 24 teaching hours.
  • Minimum Viable Product (MVP)
  • Case study
  • Creativity: Divergence / Ideation
  • Exploration for design and creation. Co-Creation & Co-Design
  • An End-To-End Lean Product
  • Crafting the MVP
  • Presentation: MVP Workshop
Digital Marketing
4 ECTS. 24 teaching hours.
  • Introduction to Digital Marketing. Customer discovery. Metrics & Analytics. Tools
  • Content Production & Copywriting. Website Best Practices & Blogging
  • Social Media Campaigns. E-mail Campaigns
  • Inbound Marketing
  • SEO & SEM
  • Viral Marketing. Growth Hacking
  • Affiliate marketing. Sticky Marketing. Gamification
  • Presentation: marketing techniques, metrics and analytics for my MVP
Development and Operations
4 ECTS. 24 teaching hours.
  • Development & Operations (devops)
  • Methodologies for agile development
  • Good practices. Metrics
  • Tools and resources for developing applications
  • Customer Lifetime Value
  • Product Roadmap (Product Planning)
  • Management Iterations (90-day plan)
  • Presentation: MVP & Roadmap
Finances for Startups
4 ECTS. 24 teaching hours.
  • Introduction to financial management in start-ups.
  • Practical case
  • Bootstrapping vs Fundraising
  • Financial metrics
  • Financial planning: projection models and their interpretation
  • Financial needs for the construction and launch of the MVP
  • Valuation methods for start-ups. (DCF, VC-Method). Practical cases
  • Financing options and routes for a start-up
  • Presentation: Financing the MVP
Startup Project: MVP (Minimum Viable Product)
6 ECTS. 6 teaching hours.

A practical entrepreneurial project*, carried out with advice from mentors on the course. Design of a MVP (Minimum Viable Product) with its value proposition, business model, marketing strategy, defined metrics, and the financial requirements to do so. Final presentation of the project before an audience that will include experts and investors.

The project will require at least 150 hours of dedication by the student.

Each module also includes the presentation and analysis of case studies of companies including Dropbox, Airbnb, Uber and CandyCrush.

The evaluation of this project will be carried out at the end of the incubation and acceleration phase in the B-Combinator.

* The development costs of the product are not included in the price of the course.

Incubation & Acceleration @ B-combinator

Incubation & Acceleration at B-combinator
9 ECTS. 80 teaching hours.
Once you have learned the groundwork involved in creating a start-up and acquired knowledge of digital techniques and methodologies, it is time to put it into practice in your own business project.

This incubation and acceleration period is essential for the development of your start-up, where you will iteratively go through all the phases that will lead you to polish your product's development and find its perfect fit in the market (product-market fit).

  • Agile prototyping
  • Feedback of user types
  • Agile development
  • Quality assurance (QA)
  • Tests with "early adopter" clients
  • Metrics analysis
  • Iteration and pivoting

You will find the right environment for launching your start-up at B-combinator. It is a coworking centre near the UPC School that works as an innovation and business creation laboratory, where other entrepreneurs, experts and mentors work together, and will help you throughout the incubation and acceleration process.

Team and Leadership
3 ECTS. 24 teaching hours.
  • Leadership and entrepreneurial attitude
  • Communication and negotiation
  • Happiness in the company
  • Meditation exercises and relaxation therapies
  • Coaching and mentoring
  • Organisation chart and management flow
  • Personal branding
  • Workshop: discussion forum
Growing Strategy and Scalability
3 ECTS. 24 teaching hours.
  • Customer is the king
  • Market analysis: trends, customers, competitors
  • Brand positioning. Public relations
  • Customer Relationship Management (CRM)
  • Marketing plan. SOSTAC model
  • Added value alliances and partners. Distribution channels
  • Commercial management
  • Presentation: marketing plan
Legal and Administration
3 ECTS. 24 teaching hours.
  • Creation and management of the company
  • Intellectual property. Licensing. NDA
  • Partners agreement
  • Employee compensation plans based on equity
  • Civil liability. Data protection law.
  • Financial management. Management. Tools
  • Taxes
  • Workshop: partnership agreement/Equity plan
Business Management
3 ECTS. 24 teaching hours.
  • Strategic planning
  • New management models
  • Productivity
  • Budgets and management control
  • Project financing
  • Board of directors
  • Shareholders. Exit strategy
  • Presentation: financial plan
Business Plan and Negotiations with Investors
3 ECTS. 24 teaching hours.
  • What the Lean investor is looking for
  • Business plan. Executive summary
  • Coaching for the review of the business plan
  • Investment process. Communication with investors
  • Negotiations with investors. Tips and tricks for negotiating with investors
  • Coaching for the presentation to investors
  • Presentation: business plan
Final Startup Project: Presentation to Investors
6 ECTS. 10 teaching hours.

The culmination of the master's degree is when the entrepreneur presents their project at the Demo Day in front of an audience of Spanish and international institutional investors, venture capital investors and business angels.

By that time, you will have established your business, the product will be perfectly polished and launched on the market with the first clients that generate revenue for the company, with all the strategies clearly defined, a convincing business plan and a financial model that shows its viability.

The UPC School reserves the right to modify the content of the programme, which may vary in order to meet the objectives of the course.

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