Public Space Project

Postgraduate course. Face-to-face.


UPC School
This postgraduate course is also part of the training track for the master's degree Landscape Architecture Extended and the master's degree Landscape Architecture.


Taller A2. El Proyecto del Espacio Público
9 ECTS. 63 teaching hours.
The second module of the workshop Public Space Project, which takes place over a period of six weeks. The emphasis is on the strategy of details, looking at things on the small scale found in urban public spaces.
Taller A1. El Proyecto del Espacio Público
9 ECTS. 62 teaching hours.
The first module of the Masters is The Public Space Project and the duration of the course is six weeks. It's an introduction to the urban context particularly in the public spaces in the city of Barcelona, and addresses the urban planning and strategies in the public space area.
The UPC School reserves the right to modify the contents of the programme, which may vary in order to better accommodate the course objectives.
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(125 teaching hours)

Start date:
Classes start:09/10/2018 Classes end:04/12/2018Programme ends: 11/12/2018
Tuesday  15:30 to 20:30Wednesday  15:30 to 20:30Thursday  15:30 to 20:30Friday  15:30 to 20:30
Taught at:
EPSEB - Escola Politècnica Superior d'Edificació de Barcelona
Av. Doctor Marañón, 44-50

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2.200 €

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Registration open until the beginning of the course or until end of vacancies.

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