Design Management

Postgraduate course. Face-to-face.


UPC School


Management Abilities
8 ECTS. 65 teaching hours.

- Leadership
- Communication
- Teamwork
- Negotiation

Design and Foresight
5 ECTS. 40 teaching hours.

- Applied creativity.
- Design centred on the persons.
- Co-creation and co-design.

Design and Companies
6 ECTS. 45 teaching hours.

- Relation between the design in the company and the management of the design.
- Corporate Strategy and I design.
- Marqueting and design.
- Corporate social responsibility and design.
- The economic impact of the design in the company.
- Contractual Relation between designer - company.
- How there is managed the design of a PIME that obtains the management excellence.
- Analyses in depth of cases of success in the management of the design in the companies.

Design Management
6 ECTS. 50 teaching hours.

- The DNA of the design.
- Design planning and strategy and his added value.
- Identification of the need of a new product.
- Operative Management of the design: the direction and the project management.
- Interdepartmental Relations: the design in the organization.
- Competitions of the "Design Manager".
- New functions and tools of the design in the company.

5 ECTS. 25 teaching hours.

Creation of a final project that students will develop using practical content related to the subjects covered during the course.

The UPC School reserves the right to modify the contents of the programme, which may vary in order to better accommodate the course objectives.
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(225 teaching hours)

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Classes start:20/10/2017 Classes end:05/05/2018Programme ends: 25/05/2018
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Tech Talent Center
C/ de Badajoz, 73-77

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