Intensivo Internacional. Rehacer Paisages

Lifelong learning course. Face-to-face.


UPC School
This lifelong learning course is also part of the training track for the master's degree Landscape Architecture Extended and the master's degree Landscape Architecture.


Internacional Intensivo. Rehacer Paisajes
6 ECTS. 100 teaching hours.

International Intensive Course 3. It is held over two weeks at the end of the course, with classes from 10h to 14h and 16h to 21h.

It aims to provide master students the opportunity to work with recognized and emerging figures in the landscape field, both academics and professionals worldwide. Teachers are invited to propose, from a personal approach, his themes and methodologies. The worked issues are debated under a wide perspective (project planning, analytical, diagnostic), and are present in the landscape reality: the project of public space within the limits of the Mediterranean metropolis, the introduction of urban or tourist uses in specific landscapes, such as the coast, etc..

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(100 teaching hours)

Start date:
Start date:16/07/2018 End date:27/07/2018
Monday  09:00 to 14:00  15:00 to 20:00Tuesday  09:00 to 14:00  15:00 to 20:00Wednesday  09:00 to 14:00  15:00 to 20:00Thursday  09:00 to 14:00  15:00 to 20:00Friday  09:00 to 14:00  15:00 to 20:00
Taught at:
EPSEB - Escola Politècnica Superior d'Edificació de Barcelona
Av. Doctor Marañón, 44-50

Registration fee:
800 €

Language of instruction:
Spanish / English

Registration open until the beginning of the course or until end of vacancies.

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