Planificación Territorial y Urbana

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Planificación Territorial y Urbana
10 ECTS. 60 teaching hours.
Once the theoretical and conceptual basics that guide development have been established, this module will turn to analysing the evolution of territorial and urban issues generated as a result of the industrial revolution and the successive instruments and planning techniques that have appeared to deal with these issues.

Analysis of urban structures and the elements of territorial configuration, as well as the study of current planning tools (legislation, plans, organising techniques territorial systems, mobility management, participation, etc.) that make up the core of this programme along with studies into new concepts and experiences from territorial planning.

This programme finishes with a module dedicated to government involvement and territorial organisation and will include the current debate over the territorial organisation of Catalonia, as well as a workshop about the development of case studies.
The UPC School reserves the right to modify the contents of the programme, which may vary in order to better accommodate the course objectives.
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(60 teaching hours)

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Classes start:23/10/2017 Classes end:11/12/2017Programme ends: 19/01/2018
Monday  16:00 to 21:00Thursday  16:00 to 21:00
Taught at:
ETSAB - Escola Tècnica Superior d'Arquitectura de Barcelona
Av. Diagonal, 649. Edifici A

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1.400 €

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