Maintenance of Installations of Heat Production, Cold Industrial, Hot Water, Fire and Water Treatment

Lifelong learning course. Face-to-face.


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This lifelong learning course is also part of the training track for the postgraduate course Maintenance of Equipment and Installations.


Maintenance of Industrial Heating and Cooling Output Systems, Domestic Hot Water Systems, Fire Extinguisher Systems and Water Treatment Systems
5 ECTS. 48 teaching hours.
  • Maintenance of gas.
  • Components gas installations.
  • Criteria for the design and location of pipes, elements and   accessories.
  • Predimensionat of gas installations.
  • Deposits fixed and mobile LPG (liquefied petroleum gas).
  • Maintenance of gas installations in shops and industries.
  • Rules and regulations.
  • Maintenance of boiler rooms.
    - Description of the types of boilers.
    - Heating and hot water
    - Boilers conventional low temperature and condensation.
    - Steam boilers and thermal fluid, etc.
    - Burners.
    - Combustion and fuel types.
    - Burners stages, progressive and modulating.
    - Regulation and control.
    - Maintenance and regulations.
  • Maintenance of refrigeration equipment in air-conditioning installations. Type of equipment and facilities. Diagnosis of failure.

    - Maintenance Requirements:
    A) 3 ITE RITE
    B) IF 14 and IF 17 RSIF

    Guide to the preparation of a preventive maintenance plan.
  • Maintenance installations of steam.
    -Principis Basic steam.
    -Circuit Typical installation of steam and condensate.
    -Factor Affecting maintenance: system design of steam and condensation.
    -Maintenance Preventive.
    -Analysis Of the combustion gases in boilers.
    -Analysis Of the conductivity of the boiler water and condensation.
    -Detection Leak.
    -Termografia Infrared.
    -Maintenance Equipment control and drainage.
    -Examples Studies.
    -Study Energy optimization in installation of steam.
  • Maintenance of fire protection systems.
    -Systems Detection and alarm.
    -Equips, Media and suppression systems according to the origin and type of fire.
    -Networks Water supply. Deposits.
    -Central. Sirens. Optical detectors, ionic and termovelocimètrics.
    -Extintors And hoses.
    -Ruixadors Automatic (sprinklers). Dry column. Hydrants.
    -Normativa And legislation. Technical Building Code.
  • Maintenance of roughing filters.
    -Dipòsits Reception and pumping.
    -Maintenance Systems slop.
  • Mechanical installations. Industrial safety and regulations. Maintenance and periodic inspections of equipment as regulation of pressure, regulation of thermal installations in buildings, regulation of gases and fuel storage regulations for chemicals.
  • Identification of risks: ATEX, working at height, confined spaces.
    -The Work permits in ATEX zones.
    -Adequacy Equipment in ATEX zones.
    -Certificacions Special. Documentation.
    -House Practical accidents in welding.
    -Manteniments Incorrect.
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