Management and project management

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Lifelong learning course. Face-to-face.


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4 ECTS. 36 teaching hours.
Introduction to project management
1. Introduction to project management
1.1 What are processes and projects?
1.2 Differences between processes and projects
1.3 Projects
1.4 Project management systems

2. Project definition
2.1 Project definition documentation: objectives, deliverables, setting, benefits, team, ¿
2.2 Sources, understanding the project
2.3 Establishing objectives: expectations, requirements, indicators, objectives. Project quality: estimates and temporary planning

3. Project planning
3.1 Planning characteristics
3.2 Planning activities
3.3 Resources and costs. Project development

4. Approval of a project plan

5. Initial stage of the project
5.1 Launching the project

6. Working on the project
6.1 Establishing a follow up and monitoring plan
6.2 Project development activities. Finalising the project

7. Bringing the project to a close
7.1 Activities related to finishing the project
7.2 Final analysis report
7.3 Final approval by the client and customer satisfaction survey
7.4 Proposals for improvements and good practices
7.5 Transferring knowledge. Quality in projects

8. Quality
8.1 Quality. What is it? How can we achieve it? Who defines it?
8.2 The stages of quality management
8.3 Service company quality
8.4 Developing quality. Practise case studies and conclusions

9. Practise case study (to be developed during the course)
9.1 Proposal
9.2 Planning
9.3 Follow up
9.4 Bringing it to a close
9.5 Conclusions

Participants must have already participated in an IT project

Evaluation system
The participant evaluation will be done according to the following parameters:
A final presentation
A minimum of 80% attendance of the class sessions and participation in the activities offered
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(36 teaching hours)

Start date:
Start date:started (May 2017)
Tuesday  19:00 to 22:00Thursday  19:00 to 22:00
Taught at:
Tech Talent Center
C/ de Badajoz, 73-77

Registration fee:
1.000 €

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