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The smartphones, tablets and other portable have transformed the way people live, work, play, learn, travel, shop and connect and interact with people. Mobility is key today: access to data, applications and devices wherever we are, it's essential to imagine the present and the immediate future.

The importance acquired by the sector in recent years is exemplified by the participation of 2,000 companies in the latest edition of the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, or data like IDC it provides smartphone sales in 2014 grew 27.6% over the 2013, or data provided by Boston Consulting Group: currently there are almost 7 billion mobile phone subscriptions worldwide, 2.8 billion Internet users and 2.1 smartphones subscriptions. Mobile internet penetration has doubled worldwide, from 18% in 2011 to 36% in 2014; hoping that in 2017, mobile access will surpass fixed line access represented 60% of all spending on internet access. Regarding mobile applications, there are thousands of companies that are prepared to take on the challenge of total mobility, sales through mobile devices has grown exponentially over the past five years.

Companies have the challenge of digitally transformed to accommodate new digital customers that they want to access the services through mobile devices.

The sixth edition of the Masters' Degree in Mobile Business and Mobile Apps has been designed to meet the professional challenges and needs of the sphere of mobile communications, and has two sides to it: the entrepreneurial and business knowledge side, and the technical and development side, offering complete training to tackle the new business challenges in the paradigms of smartphones/tablets and social networks.

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  • Learning about the current state and future prospects in the context of current mobility to assess the business opportunities it offers.
  • Developing mobile apps with the leading technology in mobile application design for iOS, Android and cross-platform.
  • Developing and integrating mobile applications.

Who is it for

  • IT, Telecommunications and Industrial engineers and technical engineers.
  • Professionals wanting to work on designing and developing software for mobile applications such as 3G mobiles, iPhone or iPad.
  • Anyone holding a Bachelors' Degree wanting to learn about and apply the new possibilities at a technical and entrepreneurial and communication level offered by smartphones/tablets and social networks.



Mobile Business
6 ECTS. 36 teaching hours.
- Industry
- Trends
- Markets
- Digital Transformation
- Show cases: Altran, FCBarcelona, Ohlalapps, Vueling, Connector
SCRUM Master Certification
2 ECTS. 21 teaching hours.
  • Scrum Theory and Scrum Framework     
  • Product management with Scrum     
  • The Role of the Scrum Master     
  • Scrum doubts and Scenarios
Project Design
2 ECTS. 12 teaching hours.
- Functional definition
- Architecture definition
4 ECTS. 21 teaching hours.
  • Architecture and patterns
  • Cloud Computing
  • Big Data / NOSQL (Habdoob and Cassandra)
  • Microservices and comunications
  • Docker
  • Continuos integration and QA: Git, Jenkins i Maven
Apps Design
3 ECTS. 18 teaching hours.
  • Tips & Tricks
  • UX / UI
  • Responsive design and WebApps
iOS App Development
11 ECTS. 54 teaching hours.
  • iOS technology
  • Programming Swift and Objective-C
  • Advanced uses of apple devices hardware
  • Show cases
Android App Development
11 ECTS. 54 teaching hours.
  • Android Technology.
  • Efficient multi-thread programming.
  • Advanced use of device hardware.
  • Show cases.
Multiplatform App Development
7 ECTS. 42 teaching hours.
  • Angular2 i Frameworks Javascript.
  • React.
  • Phonegap, Cordova.
  • Programació en Hadoop.
  • Xamarin.
Virtual Reality /
3 ECTS. 18 teaching hours.
- Virtual reality
- Augmented reality
- Show cases
11 ECTS. 66 teaching hours.
Knowledge and skills acquired during the curs can be implemented, developing an app and a business model.
The UPC School reserves the right to modify the contents of the programme, which may vary in order to better accommodate the course objectives.

Management & Faculty

Academic management

  • Alonso Alonso, Jesús
    Assistant Professor at Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya.

Academic coordination

  • Rodríguez Anguera, Rai
    Graphic Artist

Teaching staff

  • Alonso Alonso, Jesús
    Assistant Professor at Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya.
  • Ballarín Latre, Àlex
    Computer Engineer (UPC). He is founding member of Cynertia Consulting and, from where he helps to incorporate agility in organizations. He is the director of Agile IT Management program and professor of the Master in IT Project & Service Management and the postgraduate course on Lean Startup Creation.
  • Blanco Vázquez, Carlos
    Founder Conector Startup Accelerator. Business Angel of start-ups related to the internet sector. Managing Partner of companyies in the Internet sector Akamon Entertainment, Group ITnet, etc.
  • Borrás Borrell, Elías
    Graphic Artist. Manager Projects & Technology at Dantex Group
  • Botella Plana, Albert
    Computer Engineer (UPC), General Manager at Altran. ITIL v3 Foundations Certificate and i postgraduate degree in Management Information Systems (UPC)
  • Casado Arias, Pablo
    Computer Engineer by UPC. Chief Architect to Incubio, the Big Data Academy. Co-founder and former CTO for several start-ups in the field on-line to Spain and the United States. Expert in building high performance heterogeneous systems. He has taught in the Departments of Computer Science and Engineering Services and Information Systems of the UPC.
  • Castellano Sans, Alejandro
    Chief CEO at Ohlalapps.
  • Fernández Camañes, Gerard
    Co-Founder & CEO at Omnidrone.
  • García Almiñana, Jordi
    Associate Professor - Department of Computer Architecture. Research on High Performance Computing group, UPC
  • Gorricho Moreno, Juan Luis
    Associate Professor, Department of Telematics Engineering of the UPC. Consultant
  • Grau Perisé, Albert
    Enginyer en Informàtica. Màster en Digital Business per ESADE, postgrau en Mobile Busines & Apps Design.
  • Guitart Grima, Bernat
    CEO, AppFutura
  • Haigh, James
    Partner. Trainer & Coach, Focus Inside
  • Jaume Albacar, Ricardo
    iOS & Android Apps Developer
  • Labòria Comellas, Miquel
    Consultor y Programador del Departamento de Mobile de Vueling. Community Manager, Social Media & Apps Developer
  • Lee Hsing, Simon
    Managing Partner and Chief Design Officer, Gamebcn.
  • Marfil Rubio, Miguel Ángel
    Consultor, Focus Inside
  • Podetti, Erik
    Computer Engineer. Masters in Design and Creation of Video Games. Game Designer / Game Developer.
  • Rodríguez Anguera, Rai
    Graphic Artist
  • Serrano Regol, Ivan
    Creative designer platform, Televisió de Catalunya
  • Torrents Poblador, Pere
    Operations Manager Conector Startup Accelerator
  • Torres i Viñals, Jordi
    Catedrático y Research Manager del Barcelona. Supercomputing Center, UPC.
  • Tost Faus, Gina
    TV Host en Televisión de Cataluña
  • Vera Palencia, Alejandro
    Lawyer specialized in information technology, intellectual property and venture capital startup consulting.

General information

60 ECTS (342 teaching hours)
Start date
Classes start:16/10/2017Classes end:18/09/2018Programme ends: 27/09/2018
Monday  18:30 to 21:30Wednesday  18:30 to 21:30Thursday  18:30 to 21:30
Taught at
Tech Talent Center
C/ de Badajoz, 73-77
Telephone: (34) 93 114 68 05
Special master's degree issued by the Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya. Issued pursuant to art. 34.1 of Organic Law 4/2007 of 12 April, amending Organic Law 6/2001 of 21 December, concerning Universities. To obtain it, is necessary to have an official university qualification or a university qualification equivalent to an EHEA degree, diploma or degree. Otherwise, the student will receive a certificate of completion of the programme issued by the Fundació Politècnica de Catalunya.

In the case of having a foreign degree check here.
Virtual Campus
The students on this Master's degree will have access to the My_Tech_Space virtual campus, an effective work and communication platform for students, lecturers and course directors and coordinators. My_Tech_Space allows students to find background material for their classes, to work in teams, ask their lecturers questions, consult their marks, etc.
Employment service
Students can access job offers in their field of specialisation on the My_Tech_Space virtual campus. Applications made from this site will be treated confidentially. Hundreds of offers appear annually of the UPC School of Professional & Executive Development Employment service .The offers range from formal contracts to work placement agreements.
Registration fee
7.500 €
See the section Discounts, loans and financial aid for possibilities of advantageous financing conditions.

Applicants are given the option of making a voluntary €5 contribution when formalising their enrolment. As part of the UPC's 0.7% Campaign, this donation will go towards meeting charitable needs in developing countries.


Language of instruction
Catalan / Spanish
Payment of enrolment fee
The enrolment fee can be paid:
- In a single payment to be paid within the deadline specified in the letter of admission to the programme
- In two instalments:
  • 60% of the amount payable, to be paid within the deadline specified in the letter of admission to the programme
  • Remaining 40% to be paid up to 90 days at the latest after the starting date of the programme

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