Organization and Engineering of Production and Management of Industrial Plants (Engiplant)

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In a world where globalisation is increasing every day and where businesses need to compete with other countries that can offer lower production costs, working in an efficient and competitive way is very important. To reach this objective, companies must adopt the latest trends that can help them become more highly efficient. The Master's Course in Organisation and Engineering of Industrial Plant Production and Management works with all of the aspects that give financial value to companies and covers organisational aspects of engineering and management of manufacturing processes, production planning and materials and resource needs, industrial plant design and implementing productive systems.

The Engiplant Master's Course is a professional master's course that basically focuses on the practical aspects of management and only dedicates the minimum time necessary to deal with the theoretical aspects. This is the big difference between this type of course and the typical university education format. This program covers aspects such as maintenance, logistics, human resources, industrial strategies and the latest trends so that participants, far from just listening, actively participate by working in teams and study real-life cases that may have even come up students' own companies. As well there will be visits to leading companies in the industrial sectors that are of interest to students. This course offers a comprehensive teaching methodology focused on practical aspects and the most advanced techniques. The professors for this course are made up of professionals with a high level of business experience and the majority of them do not come from the university education world.

This course will end with a final project where students work in small groups, deal with real-life situations and develop improvement and analysis projects.

To make following this course easier, upon the completion of enrolment students will receive a iPad to which they can download the notes and all of the documentation from the Master's programme.

This Master's course is also being give in Pamplona as a postgraduate course. Contact us for more information.

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  • To learn the key processes that make up the global view of a company.
  • To learn the special features of industrial production plants and their characteristics and problematic areas.
  • To offer theoretical and practical knowledge of efficient and competitive organisation and management of operations in industrial companies, according to the latest trends.

To offer theoretical and practical training, according to the latest trends, in the efficient and competitive organisation and management of industrial business operations.
  • To offer direct participation of students in: teamwork activities, the use of IT packages, design and decision making simulations, solving practise cases and completing the final project for this programme.
  • To understand how to implement an optimally productive system from efficiency and competitive standpoint so you do not get left behind.

Who is it for?

  • Graduates with officially valid degrees.
  • Graduates holding Bachelor's degrees that are coming from technical areas of study (engineering or similar fields), or from Business Administration or Management.
  • People with qualifying equivalent degrees from foreign universities.

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Registration open until the beginning of the course or until end of vacancies.

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