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Design and management of projects in terms of efficient quality, response time and cost is challenge for any business. In this master's course in Project Management we teach students how to direct and manage projects from a general viewpoint, offering an understanding of the most advanced trends used to successfully complete industrial, service, or any type of general project.

This course can be divided into two large blocks, the first of which is an essentially technical section where project management systems using the most advanced techniques are explained and the concept of lean management is introduced and a financial vision is incorporated in terms of developing budgets and predicting possible investments. The other block is dedicated to the more humanistic side of projects. This block covers strengthening teams that carry out the projects and give the project leaders the abilities and capacity to manage personnel. With this in mind students will work on aspects like emotional intelligence, negotiation techniques and business communication. As well, they will study external planning processes and project development, outsourcing and the externalisation of services.

The professors for this master's course are made up of industrial sector professionals with a wide array of experience in the business world. As we expect the highest quality and a very high level of excellence in each subject taught in this course the list of professors is quite large. This is why both a coordinator position for each area and a general coordinator position have been created to ensure the uniformity of all the courses. These professors are also entrusted with the task of working as tutors for the master's course final project that students will elaborate.

To make following this course easier, upon the completion of enrolment students will receive a iPad to which they can download the notes and all of the documentation from the Master's programme.


  • To define the design, development and execution of highly efficient and competitive industrial or service projects.
  • To develop project management, planning and control techniques.
  • To formulate projects tailored to the client's requirements and specifications, with minimum costs and reduced lead times.
  • To provide the abilities needed to manage teams.

Who is it for?

  • Managers and collaborators in industrial or service project development.
  • Professionals who are in positions of responsibility in terms of planning and project management of any kind.

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