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The importance that Information Technologies (IT) have assumed has increased the importance of IT professionals in organisations. While they previously focused on supporting their business processes, they must now meet the challenge of efficiently managing a growing number of IT projects and services, which is now known as digital transformation. The decisions made in IT departments must therefore be consistent with the needs of the business and its strategy, at a time when digitalisation is becoming a critical point in organisations.

Until now, the primary task of IT departments has been to manage information (volume, integrity, security, bandwidth, response time). Technical aspects have remained very important, but the sector has had to adapt to the development of technology and it now has to provide support for business objectives and manage a portfolio of projects and services experiencing continued growth.

Today's IT professionals must have tools that allow them to manage projects and services properly, as well as innovation through ICTs, and align their work with the organisation's strategic areas.

The programme is aimed at professionals who are members of project teams (programmers, designers, analysts, etc.) and those wanting to complement their training as IT project managers, IT services portfolio managers or IT services project managers, while remaining aligned with the governance of their organisation.

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  • Learn to manage IT projects and monitor the quality of the process and the product during the execution of the project.
  • Learn to manage IT services, have general knowledge of systems based on IT services, and have knowledge of service-oriented technology.
  • Study the range of activities involved in IT governance and its relationship with the management of the organisation.

Who is it for?

  • Computer Engineers (Higher or Specialist levels, Bachelor's degree or master's degree level)
  • Other engineers or graduates with equivalent knowledge of IT acquired in their career or as a result of further training.
  • Managers of IT services in companies, or other IT professionals.


The master's degree programme is organized into the following modules. If you don't wish to take the entire master's degree you can sign on one or several modules.

Management & Quality Assurance in IT Projects

Postgraduate course face-to-face. Start date: 15/10/2018. Barcelona

Service Management & Engineering

Postgraduate course face-to-face. Start date: 11/02/2019. Barcelona

IT Governance

Postgraduate course face-to-face. Start date: 03/06/2019. Barcelona
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