Restoration of Architectural Monuments

Master's degree. Face-to-face.


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The master's degree program in Architecture Monument Restoration has over 25 years of experience and has has continously been adapted to the market circumstances of restoration of historical monuments and heritage management . This specialized education is now even more necessary and urgent than 25 years ago. It is an interdisciplinary process , which combines technical knowledge with humanistic knowledge and pointing to a professional able to gather in their speeches aesthetic and functional qualities that allow the building of heritage projects towards a new life community. The amount of graduates now exceeds 250 professionals who continue working and developing roles of responsibility in Spain and other countries.

Attendance at conferences, publications of some teachers and directors, participation in symposiums, contacts with the administration competent in this field visits and contacts with related professionals and craftsmen allow us to grasp the needs of and react to market changes , incorporating specialists able to provide this new knowledge .


  • Provide technicians with criteria and professional skills to be able to assess the importance of monuments and monumental ensembles, in order to carry out the interior renovation of historical centres.
  • Recognise the identity of pathologies to be able to intervene respectfully in the restoration of monuments, using the most suitable techniques.

Who is it for?

Previous Knowledge or studies on Historic, artistic or arquitectonic Heritage, from the point of view of History, History of art and architecture, Civil Engeneering or Restoration will be deeply appreciated.


The master's degree programme is organized into the following modules. If you don't wish to take the entire master's degree you can sign on one or several modules.

Forms of Analysis and Intervention in the Architectural Heritage

Postgraduate course face-to-face. Start date: 02/10/2019. Barcelona
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Classes start:02/10/2019 Classes end:05/06/2020Programme ends: 30/09/2020
Wednesday  15:30 to 21:00Thursday  15:30 to 21:00Friday  15:30 to 21:00
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ETSAB - Escola Tècnica Superior d'Arquitectura de Barcelona
Av. Diagonal, 649

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6.900 €

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Registration open until the beginning of the course or until end of vacancies.

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