Maintenance of Equipment and Installations

Postgraduate course. Face-to-face.


UPC School

Adequate maintenance of industrial equipment and installations requires their proper setup and implementation. In this postgraduate course students will learn about the necessary conditions required to keep equipment in proper working order as well as the different maintenance techniques associated with each type of equipment.

A maintenance technicians needs to have comprehensive knowledge of industrial installations as well as possess an understanding of the techniques for prevention and rapid and effective resolution of equipment break downs.

The industry professionals, who are acting as professors on this course, add a very practical element to the student's experience.


  • To become familiar with the means and techniques needed to set up equipment and quickly and safely resolve problems that come up in industrial installations.
  • To diagnose and prevent break downs in installations.

Who is it for?

  • Engineers or Technical engineers.
  • Technical and industry professionals who want to specialize, update or expand their knowledge in the field of industrial maintenance.


The postgraduate course programme is organized into the following modules. If you don't wish to take the entire postgraduate course you can sign on one or several modules.

Facilities Maintenance and Repairs Media

Lifelong learning course face-to-face. Start date: 07/02/2019. Terrassa

Maintenance of Hydraulic and Pneumatic Installations

Lifelong learning course face-to-face. Start date: 21/03/2019. Terrassa

Maintenance of Installations of Heat Production, Cold Industrial, Hot Water, Fire and Water Treatment

Lifelong learning course face-to-face. Start date: 02/05/2019. Terrassa

Industrial Maintenance: Maintenance Management

Lifelong learning course face-to-face. Start date: 01/10/2019. Terrassa

Facilities Maintenance and Power Media

Lifelong learning course face-to-face. Start date: 12/11/2019. Terrassa
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(237 teaching hours)

Start date:
Classes start:01/10/2019 Classes end:25/06/2020Programme ends: 30/07/2020
Tuesday  18:00 to 21:00Thursday  18:00 to 21:00
Taught at:
Campus UPC Terrassa - Edifici CITM
C/ de la Igualtat, 33

Registration fee:
4.200 €

Language of instruction:
Catalan / Spanish

Registration open until the beginning of the course or until end of vacancies.

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