Advanced Project Management

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As each day passes project monitoring and management is becoming more and more important, from the construction sector to service and technology sectors. Leading teams to properly finish a project and making all of the elements involved work together towards a common goal requires someone with a profile that has specific training and concrete attributes. In this programme students will consider aspects related to proper project management. We are talking about leading, planning, management and scheduling that includes IT techniques and specific programs.

As well, this course will cover design and development aspects -simultaneous engineering- , quality related to results that are adjusted to essential requirements, advanced planning systems and ISO regulations. A project manager must understand the necessities and conditions for externalising processes, and performing advanced management techniques as well as dealing with financial and economic aspects. The management techniques taught in this course will allow students to reach the multiple objectives involved in project development at the necessary quality level and how to adjust to project specifications to the lowest possible cost and in the minimum time needed for their development.

In particular, the UPC School is providing this programme PMA to develop a professional profile that focuses on multidisciplinary team leadership and coordination of all phases of a project. As well, this course offers you the opportunity to prepare for the Project Management Professional credential, a certification awarded by the PMI (Project Management Institute), the most well-recognised institution that creates quality standards accepted and used on a global level.


  • Provide participants with the most advanced techniques used in leadership, planning and management of projects and a practical orientation that is all firmly based on the highly experienced teaching staff.
  • Develop the competencies that participants need to lead multidisciplinary teams.
  • Understand the legal implications involved in projects such as the ISO standards that must be followed.
  • Introduce participants to Six Sigma quality management concepts and Lean Management elements.

Who is it for?

  • Industrial Engineers with advanced or associates degrees.
  • Degree holders with equivalent abilities learned on the job or from other additional professional training.
  • Professionals that are responsible for project management in diverse areas.

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