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This programme offers the option of work placements and professional collaborations to participate in R&D projects.

Research is an activity that has been integrated into the process of continuous improvement in a large number of companies, going beyond the academia to become a must for the competitiveness of the industrial sector. The participation of businesses in research is a necessary condition to ensure the transfer of outputs to society, and the training of professionals from businesses to lead research projects and groups becomes a must.

Scientific excellence by itself is not enough to reach maximum effectiveness in a research group. To this end, it also becomes necessary to professionalise the direction and management of the research process. With adequate research direction and management it is possible to optimise efforts, make the available resources more efficient, significantly improve the results for research funds, minimise the risks during the project's execution and maximise the impact of research results.

Research management has its own characteristics, halfway between the academia and industry. Managing a research project does not mean managing a conventional project, neither in the way the idea is conceived nor in the way funding is found nor how the project is implemented nor in the assessment of the project results. Research management is also not simply and purely an academic activity. Without a clear deployment and impact in the market and an associated business model it will be difficult to find the resources to conduct a research project.

Both for public and private research, the high competitiveness requires the highest levels of professionality for all actors involved. Access to international funding, mainly from the EU Framework Programme (Horizon2020), but also from other international agencies, may be key in getting projects of a certain size up and running.

This postgraduate programme offers to the students the opportunity to train with tools and acquire knowledge and skills required to manage projects adequately and to apply their results in the market, for efficient management of research projects and teams, and opens the door to getting successful results in the ever-growing competitive calls to get funding for R&D projects.


  • Mastering the tools and procedures required for an effective management of research projects and teams, both at an academic and industrial level.
  • Knowing about and gaining access to the possibilities to get funds by preparing proposals for new projects.
  • Being able to lead research groups and projects optimally, as well as adequately coordinating their tasks.

Who is it for

  • Professionals from the business sector wishing to increase their capacities and learn the skills required to manage scientific and research projects.
  • Researchers and teachers from the academia wishing to increase their scientific capacities by learning skills on professional and sound management of their research activity.
  • Professionals and researchers considering the submission of a proposal to get the funding required to implement a research project with the greatest chances to succeed.
  • Professionals and researchers considering the option of focusing their professional career on the management of research groups and projects and specialising in this area.
  • Participants in actions such as the H2020 Marie Sklodowska-Curie, to boost their research career, by promoting the development of skills that will complement their technical field of specialisation.

* Teaching staff at UPC that enrol and take this Postgraduate programme may seek to get this training recognised as part of the activities taken into account when assessing applications for an additional supplement for academic merits, in the section on "professional development and action".

More precisely, this activity will be recognised pursuant to section H: Training and personal development –H1: Participation in teaching or pedagogical courses and seminars, general or specific to the field of knowledge, coordinated by the SPD, ICE, academic units, groups of teachers, or other higher education institutions.

Staff that successfully completes the course may, upon completion, include this information in the relevant section of the DRAC application.

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Classes start:14/11/2017 Classes end:19/04/2018Programme ends: 05/06/2018
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Tech Talent Center
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Spanish / English

Registration open until the beginning of the course or until end of vacancies.

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