Management and Consultancy on new Technologies and Systems

Postgraduate course. Face-to-face.


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Technology is changing and the changes are having an impact on our current business models. There are more and more smart systems in a company's value chain and they have become a strategic resource for achieving business targets.

The role associated with management and the fields of technology and systems is also being affected by these changes and, often unwillingly, our ability to respond to new business challenges is lost.

Professionals in these areas need to have management skills and new abilities regarding the concept of business, in the analysis and improvement of processes and in innovation.

The main goal of this post-graduate course is to enable students to offer tangible value to a business through their strategies, technology proposals and process improvements. To achieve that goal, a number of partial targets based on knowledge, comprehension, application, analysis, synthesis and assessment of the various components need to be met, thus enabling them to offer a response to any problems that may arise in their organisation.


  • Ascertain the current situation of business-related applications.
  • Ascertain the current status of new technologies and their future outlook.
  • Ascertain the possibility of applying ICT at the company.
  • Design plans (technology systems).
  • Assess the most appropriate organisational models for each organisation.
  • Assess existing information and technology management techniques: projects, outsourcing, planning, etc.
  • Give students the tools and methodologies they need to contribute value to their organisations and help improve productivity and competitiveness.
  • Provide an up-to-date outlook on the strategy through the analysis of real cases.

Who is it for

  • Graduates who perform technical roles in their company.
  • IT directors and professionals in a variety of areas (industrial sectors, services, etc.) who wish to update their skills and discover new management techniques and new technologies.
  • Professionals wishing to develop their professional career in the field of technology from a management perspective.
  • Professionals with executive management duties or executive potential.
  • Graduates from technical courses wishing to ascertain the current state of play and outlook in the field of technology and their application in specific sectors.
  • Consultants wishing to expand their knowledge in the field of consultancy or who wish to incorporate skills that will enable them to become the director of an IT or new technologies department.

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(150 teaching hours)

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Classes start:13/11/2017 Classes end:20/06/2018Programme ends: 27/06/2018
Monday  18:30 to 21:30Wednesday  18:30 to 21:30
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Tech Talent Center
C/ de Badajoz, 73-77

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Registration open until the beginning of the course or until end of vacancies.

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