Diagnosis and Intervention Criteria for Rehabilitation and Architectural Restoration

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This postgraduate course is also part of the training track for the master's degree Rehabilitación y Restauración Arquitectónica: de la Evaluación Prestacional (CTE) al Proyecto de Intervención.

Rather than diminishing, over coming years, the current rise in the number of projects and building works on existing buildings is set to experience a strong growth, making this into one of the pillars of architecture-related professional work. New constructions will feature less and less in the realm of building works as a whole, a trend which has been taking hold in Europe for several decades.

Nevertheless, the contents taught in the academic field of construction have barely changed since their initial conception, which focused solely on new constructions. And this despite the fact that the differences between operating on an existing building, whether with or without historical value, and designing a new building cannot possibly be disregarded. In relation to the above, the lack of specialists on the subject is all the more overwhelming if we take into account that architectural studies tend to disregard the constructional-structural make-up of construction works, which is essential to their preservation. The entry into force of the Spanish Technical Building Code (known as Código Técnico de la Edificación, or CTE), which though difficult to fulfil is mandatory, has intensified this trend further still.

This new programme, aims to provide a new alternative. It thus integrates the extensive, 10 year long track record of the ¿Architectural Restoration postgraduate course: Structural-Construction Analysis of Intervention Technologies, which has contributed the knowledge and skills required to remedy these shortcomings across the large group of students who completed the course.

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