Real Estate Valuation: Methods and International Models

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This postgraduate course is also part of the training track for the master's degree International Real Estate Valuation.
Shortly we will publish updated information about the new edition of this programme.

The graduate delivers advanced content body necessary to acquire professional skills in the field of real estate valuations, both concerning the valuation based on market criteria as referred to calculating the value of the property for cadastral and mortgage purposes. What considerably wider field of work of graduates of postgraduate. This paired with knowledge of international reporting and accounting and forensic purposes.

Has an applied character and a clear focus on vocational training in property valuation in accordance with national regulations and international standards. Besides basic contents in real estate valuations explained and exercises implementing rating ruled for the financial market and taxation. Importantly, as new matter International valuation and professional development, in which international valuation standards and organizational aspects, professional and ethical outputs of the valuation profession, is a unique offering that gives this knowledge is mainly studied specifically MER required for recognition. It ends with a workshop of valuations, the knowledge acquired in the course by solving a case apply.

Professional benefits it can bring a person who has completed this graduate to the company you work focus on solid theoretical and practical acquired on property valuation based on international standards training, which involves the ability to perform real estate valuations technically valid and based on existing regulations and consider market aspects and elements and structural characteristics of buildings, organized and accurate. Recall that Residential Credit Directive recently approved by the EC and transposition process in Spain, recommends using the European Valuation Standards (EVS) on which this course is developed.

The graduate has the solid backing of the Center for Land Policy and Valuations, which is a leader in Latin America with an extensive background in real estate research and teaching. It also has the support of the Spanish Association of Housing and Urban Rating (AEVIU) with recognized professional experts participate as teachers in the program. It also has faculty directly linked to The European Group of Valuers' Associations who edits the EVS and grants in Spain, through AEVIU, recognition REV. Teachers also participate in the Pan American Federation of Valuation, which completes the international landscape of the course.

This postgraduate course forms part of the modular offer European Master in Real Estate Valuation EM-REV (ON LINE), first Masters in Spain adapted to the Minimum Educational Requirements (MER) The European Group of Valuers Associations (TEGOVA), which aims to to train highly qualified professionals competency models and valuation under current international standards. Master certify that allows knowledge to access the highest professional distinctive in Europe: the Recognised European Valuer (REV).

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  • Open new career fields in the field of real estate valuation allowing attracting international clients.
  • Expand career to the branches of non-formal valuation, mortgage, cadastral and other real rights outputs, as an independent advisor, consultant or employee associated.
  • Acquire the skills to draft assessment reports carried out with criteria of national and international accounting.
  • Acquire the necessary skills to explore the range of business models in the field of real estate valuations.
  • Acquire the skills to become a real estate analyst in the field of valuations
  • Supplement the training to achieve accreditation as a Recognised European Valuer.

Who is it for

  • Architect, Technical Architect, graduate or graduate in Science Building, Economics, Business Administration, Business Studies, Civil Engineering, Industrial Engineering, Civil Engineering, Agronomy Engineering, Law and related degree, or who are in the final year of studies and want to ensure future career either in the private or public sector.
  • Professionals who want to expand their skills because they are engaged in real estate development, the facility managment, to property management, management of family wealth (family offices) or entrepreneurs. People also develop as Agent Real Property, Risk Analyst, Investment Analyst, Property Administration, Municipal Architect, City Clerk, in the Legal and Economic Services, and related


The postgraduate course programme is organized into the following modules. If you don't wish to take the entire postgraduate course you can sign on one or several modules.

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Lifelong learning course online. Start date: 01/10/2018.
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