Feasibility Analysis of Urban and Real Estate Projects

Postgraduate course. Online.


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This postgraduate course is also part of the training track for the master's degree International Real Estate Valuation.

The graduate has applied a clear focus on vocational training in the field of analysis of the economic viability of developments or investment property at both the construction, rehabilitation, exchange and city-wide basis.

  • Contents arises specifically required to analyze, from an economic and financial perspective property developments. Issues related to strategic analysis, based on macroeconomic and political environment.
  • Special emphasis on the more technical aspects based on the methods of financial evaluation of investments are included. Similarly, the analysis of the properties as real estate products.
  • Regulation, without neglecting his work as architectural typologies addressed. Different forms of promotion and investment contemporary and funding in the context of international markets are analyzed.
  • Viability subject of urban and real estate promotions and Workshop feasibility of plans and projects, in which content and knowledge delivered in graduate apply through solving a real case study is also developed.

The graduate has the solid backing of the Center for Land Policy and Valuations, which is a leader in Latin America with an extensive background in real estate research and teaching. It also has the support of the Spanish Association of Housing and Urban Rating (AEVIU) with recognized professional experts participate as teachers in the program. It also has faculty directly linked to TEGoVA and EPF and grants in Spain, through AEVIU, recognition REV. Also participating teachers with extensive experience in real estate consulting.

This program is part of the modular offer master of International Real Estate Valuation, first educational offer in Spain adapted to Minimum Educational Requirements (MER) The European Group of Valuers Associations (TEGOVA) aimed is to train highly qualified professionals competency models and valuation under current international standards. Master certify that allows knowledge to access the highest professional distinctive in Europe: the Recognised European Valuer (REV).

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  • Prepare or supplement specific training in feasibility studies and analysis of investment property to qualify for accreditation as Recognised European Valuer.
  • Conduct assessments of real estate and urban projects where the economic and financial analysis proves crucial. All with a solid knowledge base of existing investment models and funding in a global political and economic context.
  • Apply with skill assessment methods and analysis of real estate development and urban.
  • Anyone who complete the program will have acquired the necessary skills and knowledge to perform feasibility studies of complex real estate projects through precise and solid theoretical basis and may apply in your workplace techniques.

Who is it for?

  • Architect, Technical Architect, graduate or graduate in Science Building, Economics, Business Administration, Business Studies, Civil Engineering, Industrial Engineering, Civil Engineering, Law, and related qualifications, or who are in the final year of studies and want to ensure future career either in the private or public sector.
  • Professionals who want to expand their skills because they are dedicated to the promotion real estate, the facility managment, to property management, management of family wealth (family offices) or entrepreneurs. People also develop as Agent Real Property, Risk Analyst, Investment Analyst, Property administration, Municipal Architect, City Clerk, in the Legal and Economic Services, and related professions.


This program is offered in methodology on-line, through a virtual learning environment that will allow the student:

  • Access to all materials in digital format. Documentation, exercises, videos, tutorials and other resources.S
  • essions Online Adobe Connect. Video sessions online with Adobe Connect platform. This technology allows students to interact and communicate directly with faculty and peers simulating a real classroom.
  • Monitoring supervised. Teachers guide the learning process of the modules and the final draft proposing questions on the forum, responding group and individual consultations and clarifications required for assessment activities. Advising the student will be continued throughout the course and will take place through direct communication channels Platform: messages, forums, video conferencing, etc.
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Start date:March 2019 End date:July 2019

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