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Management of IT Projects and those in the field of technology in general has become an essential tool when carrying out all types of projects, both in-company and those for clients of consultants and/or integrating companies in general which need this type of project. This requires an awareness of the phases or life cycle of an IT or general technological project, and the ability to apply the methodologies and best practices at all times (including the more agile methods like Scrum, as well as more traditional ones, such as PmBOK, impacting on concepts such as the Lean Startup) available in the market in order to define and carry out projects in the technology sector properly.

In the field of ICTs (Information and Communication Technologies), many professionals have to manage projects every day, and they need to have the necessary tools for their result to be what businesses expect. Today, all SMEs and all companies in general carry out IT and technology projects in their organisations. These range from implementing ERP software (such as SAP, Axapta Navision, SAGE, etc.) and CRM (Sales Force, Siebel, etc.) to starting Web and E-Commerce projects, projects related to digital transformation and the digital era, projects related to apps and mobility for tablets and smartphones and those using systems such as Office365, VMware, etc. They often do not have sufficient knowledge of the most appropriate tools and methodologies for successfully carrying out the projects which they need or in which they are involved, such as defining the scope of the project, the quality plan, risk management, its costs and using Scrum to determine the various stories, preparation and release of sprints, etc.).

We provide specific training in the field of Project Management, covering various aspects that will introduce those attending the course to concepts and techniques for managing IT and technology projects, and will consolidate their knowledge of this field, addressing the various methodologies and best practices on the market, ranging from agile to traditional methodologies, including PMBOK, SCRUM, METODE3, etc.

Correct implementation of a methodology for IT and technology project management enables businesses to save a great deal of money, because they create better quality products and services, while generating increased revenue, as they mean projects can be started in a more appropriate way with substantial results.


• To introduce the concepts of "Project" and "Project Management" used in PM (Project Management), the PMBok, PMI (Project Management Institute) and agile methodologies in Scrum.

• Knowledge of the entire life cycle of an IT or technology project in order to apply it and to make the project successful, choosing the best way to carry it out (using agile methods such as Scrum, or other models or best practices such as Pmbok or hybrids).

• To plan a project management that is adapted to reality, considering all the variables (risk management, quality management, test management, etc.) involved in carrying out projects.

• To direct IT projects taking technology and people into account, finding the most appropriate working methodologies to minimise resistance to change among the people participating in the project.

• To highlight the most commonly used tools and techniques, focused on selection, planning, execution, monitoring, control and finally closure.

• To consolidate the knowledge acquired through the practical implementation of real cases of computer projects.

• To work as a team and acquire the ability to manage a project.

Who is it for

• IT or technology project managers needing a more global perspective and to know how to provide solutions to the problems of project management.

• Consultants, analysts, analyst-programmers, technicians, administrators, and staff who have to manage or participate in IT or technological projects.

• Information technology area managers.

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