Business Process Management (BPM)

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BPM in an innovative Process Management methodology. It is the cornerstone of a modern corporate technology architecture focused on facilitating and supporting digital transformation.

Major corporations (banks, insurance companies, telephone/mobility operators, etc.) are incorporating it in order to be able to compete successfully with new digital native companies. During the course we will give you the keys to how to configure and put forward this architecture in your organisation.

BPM processes are an immense source of data in the organisation's operations. Throughout the course, we will be showing you in a practical way how to use modern analytical tools giung beyond traditional BI tools, and how to effortlessly obtain valuable information, dashboards and predictions, because the system itself suggests what information can be obtained and how it should be presented, so that it is as useful to the organisation as possible.

On this course you will learn in a practical way about the benefits you can achieve by dealing with BPM initiatives in the company, and how to properly focus projects in terms of planning and estimating efforts and costs. It will help you answer these and many other questions, and position yourself as your company's leader in the initiative of the massive implementation of BPM processes - the greatest methodological and technological callenge that your organisation will confront in the coming years. In short, you will be trained as a specialist BPM professional.


  • To consolidate the concepts around the concept of "BPM", such as efficiency, effectiveness, business rules and case management.
  • To understand the major advantages involved in analysing, modelling and documenting business processes aligned with organisations' strategic objectives.
  • To learn about tried and tested highly successful methods for implementing BPM solutions, which enable you to carry out plans that are realistic, successful, viable and sustainable.
  • To learn at first hand about case studies of companies that have decided to "do BPM," along with the lessons learned and best practices. 
  • To apply real market leading solutions on practical basis, with a broad overview of the solutions on the market.
  • Understanding the keys to why BPM is the crux of the digital transformation of businesses, acting as the driving force behind innovation in processes.

Who is it for?

  • Professionals wishing to consolidate their knowledge base on Management of/for processes.
  • Professionals engaged in improving the efficiency of their companies, wishing to clarify their doubts about BPM.
  • Professionals who see management of/for processes as a tool for enhancing their employability and professional development. 
  • College graduates (or students in their last year) motivated by business improvement through proper management of processes.
  • Professionals and graduates wishing to supplement their knowledge with a range of skills inherent in Management of/for processes (analysis, synthesis,      communication, government, BPM project management).


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Start date:28/02/2019 End date:11/07/2019
Thursday  18:30 to 21:30
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Tech Talent Center
C/ de Badajoz, 73-77

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