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  • Garriga Garzón, Federico
    PhD in Industrial Engineering from the Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya-Barcelona Tech. Tenured university lecturer in the Department of Business Organisation at the Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya.

Teaching staff

  • Abad Pous, Antoni
    Graduate in Business Studies and MBA from ESADE. A businessman in the steel industry, financial consultancy, educational services and tourism. A consultant for various companies. Chairman of BANC Business Angels Network Cataluña.
  • Beltri Gebrat, Francesc
    Graduate in Psychology from the Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona. Diploma in Psychodiagnosis and Psychotherapy from the CIIP Miami. Postgraduate Diploma in Organisational Development, GR Institute. Master¿s Degree in Business Management and Organisation from the Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya. International Coach Federation certified coach. Consultant and founder, Grupo Mediterráneo Consultores.
  • Bover de Soto, Armand
    Graduate in Economics from the UB. Expert in Commercial Law. Financial Director at Sandrigham (Holding Company for a family group). Before that he held the posts of Controller at GE Power Controls, Administrative Director at Kepro and Administrative Director at Arbora&Ausonia.
  • Cabeza Lambán, Manuel
    PhD in Economics and Business Studies from the UB. Financial analyst. He has held the posts of Managing Director at ADEMA TRADERS, General Director Catalonia in general at Valores y Bolsa SVB and Director of the Shareholders¿ Department and Insurance Department of Fomento de Construcciones y Contratas FCC.
  • Cirera Cabeza, Ascensión
    Graduate in Law. Practising lawyer. Diploma in Foreign Trade. Advisor to the Foreign Trade Department of the CECOT.
  • Esmendia Baltasar, Albert
    Graduate in Law from the UAB. Master¿s Degree in Bankruptcy Law from the UB. Corporate lawyer. Business advisor.
  • Garriga Garzón, Federico
    PhD in Industrial Engineering from the Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya-Barcelona Tech. Tenured university lecturer in the Department of Business Organisation at the Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya.
  • Guallarte Nuez, Carlos
    PhD in Economics and Business Studies. Tenured lecturer in the Department of Business Economics of the UAB.
  • Jover Díaz, Carme
    Graduate in Economics. Tax advisor. Associate lecturer in Financial and Taxation Law at the UAB. Business advisor.
  • Lujan Montero, Josep
    Industrial engineer. MBA Business Administration and Management from the Universidad Politècnica de Madrid. Chief Operations Officer at Coesia. Before that he held the posts of Industrial Planning Corporate Director at Ficosa International, Process Engineering Director at Ficosa International, Industrial Director at Flamagás and Head of Production at Hewlett Packard, among others.
  • Marfil Sánchez, Fernando
    Industrial Engineer, Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya. Master¿s Degree in Business Management and Organisation. Interim General Manager at VIDURGLASS, S.L
  • Martin Peña, Francisco
    PhD in Economics and Business Studies. Certified chartered accountant. Account auditor. Member of ROAC. Tenured university lecturer at the Department of Financial Economics and Accounting at the UB.
  • Maspons Bosch, Ramon
    Industrial Engineer. Director of innovation at the Agency for Health Information, Assessment and Quality. Director of the Biocat Strategic Projects Unit, BioRegion of Catalonia. Scientific Director of the Health Park Foundation. Former Deputy Secretary of Strategy at the Catalan Ministry of Health
  • Mir Albertí, Elena
    Master¿s Degree in Communication from the Instituto Superior de Marketing. Managing Partner and strategic planner at Cyrano Marketing Emocional 360º. Strategic creativity and operative marketing. Before that she held the posts of Barcelona and subsequently Madrid Director of MC Marketing y Comunicación, Barcelona Director of the Grupo Moliner Consultores, Specialist in direct and promotional marketing at Mailgrafica Direct and Robero Zubiri Document on Demand and Account Manager at ¿La Agencia¿ de Publicidad, S.A.
  • Peláez Temprano, Ana María
    Graduate in Psychology. Diploma in International Business. Master¿s Degree in International Management and Trade. International Consultant.
  • Portabales, Jose Luis
    Graduate in Law. Graduate in Labour Relations. Diploma in Personnel Management from ESADE. KTC&GLOBAL collaborator. Before that he held the posts of Director of Human Resources at the CELSA Group, Director of Personnel, Processes and Organisation at Ferrocarrils de la Generalitat de Catalunya (Catalan Railways), Director of Personnel and Labour Relations at Hispano Mecano Eléctrica HIMEL and Assistant Personnel Director at Lavis. He was Chairman of the Fundación para la Motivación de los Recursos Humanos.
  • Rajadell Carreras, Manel
    PhD in Industrial Engineering. Master¿s Degree in Business Management from the Universidad Politécnica de Madrid (CEPADE). Master¿s Degree in Environmental Management from the Instituto de Investigaciones Ecológicas (A.M.E.I.C), with the collaboration of the Open International University (Málaga). Tenured university lecturer at the DOE-UPC.
  • Rajadell Carreras, Pere
    Industrial engineer. Quality Program Manager at Hewlett Packard.
  • Ramos Sánchez, Montse
    Graduate in Social Sciences. Diploma in Marketing and Commercial Technical Consultancy. Master¿s Degrees in General Management from EADA. Specialist consultant in workforce preparation in commercial skills.
  • Remolina Carral, Jose Ramon
    Industrial Engineer. Graduate in Economics. Corporate banking investment analyst. Previously held the posts of Investment analyst at BIB, head of businesses at Banco de Comercio, Director of Planning, Budget and Management Control at BBV. Regional Manager of Banco Crédito y Ahorro.
  • Resa Navarro, Xavier
    Doctoral student in Business Management and Organisation at the UPC. Official Master¿s Degree in eLearning and Education (UOC). Official Master¿s Degree in Information and Communication Society (UOC). Diploma in Business Studies from the UPC. Postgraduate Degree in Marketing Management (EADA). Postgraduate Degree in Commercial Management and Marketing (EUNCET). Advanced Diploma in Management Computing (IPFP Terrassa). Associate Lecturer-Researcher at the Department of Business Organisation of the ETSEIAT (UPC). Head of the Digital Department of the Research Centre for Food Safety and Control of the UPC. Contributor to technical-educational designs and creation and management of virtual training settings via webinars, with CRESCA and CDEI (Industrial Equipment Design Centre). Private university lecturer-researcher.
  • Rex Valldepérez, Josep Maria
    Graduate in Commerce. Diploma in Advertising. Diploma in Marketing and Advertising Communication from the Sorbonne University. Managing Partner at Leia Grup and Pasaporte del Sol.
  • Ronco Baquedano, Emilio
    Graduate in Psychology from the Universidad Complutense de Madrid. Master¿s Degree in Business Management and Administration from ESADE. Certificate in Leadership Development from Harvard University. Diploma in Strategic Planning from the University of San Diego. Corporate Development Director for the Epise Group.
  • Rúa Costa, Carles
    Industrial Engineer. Head of strategic projects and innovation for the Port of Barcelona. Associate lecturer at the DOE-UPC.
  • Valoira Miqueo, Josep Maria
    Licenciado en Derecho. Licenciado en Ciencias Políticas y de la Administración. Master ejecutivo de Sociedades y experto tributario. Diplomado en Derecho Arbitral. Abogado en ejercicio.
  • Zaragoza Gras, Josep
    Graduate in Economics. Master¿s Degree in Economics and Business Management from IESE. Diploma in Taxation Studies from EADA. Interim Management Financial Director. Before that he held the posts of Director of Management and Budget at La Sirena, Director of Financial Analysis at Arbora & Ausonia, Senior Financial Analyst at Procter & Gamble.
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