Organization and Engineering of Production and Management of Industrial Plants (Engiplant)

Master's degree. Face-to-face.


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...I have been managing factories for ten years and the crisis had started to affect my company. I wanted to find a formula to save it and make it work and I thought that the Masters in Enigplant would help me with that. If I didn't manage that, at least I would also have tools for looking for other career opportunities. This course has changed the way I used to approach problems and it has made me more confident when it comes to making key decisions for the company. Things did not turn out as I had hoped in my job, but in a short space of time I found another job thanks to having completed the Masters in Enigplant, as it make me feel more secure when sitting interviews. Nowadays I think my profile is above other production or factory managers. The Lean Manofacturating module has been an extremely important part of this course. Books give you a lot of information, but it is much more gratifying to have people like Lluís Cuatrecasas or Enric Barba tell you about their experiences...

Carlos González, Operations Manager, Mexifoods S.L.

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