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...I decided to do a Master's in IT Project Management because I wanted to attain a good theoretical foundation and to consolidate the knowledge I had already acquired through my own professional experience. The proper management of projects and alignment with company objectives is increasingly important in the ICT sector. It isn¿t enough to do things well, if they can be done better, more profitably, more efficiently and with higher quality. In the Master¿s programme, I truly value the job experience of the teaching staff, as they remain active in the world of business. The combination of theory and practice is also very well done, letting me obtain knowledge by studying real case studies. I particularly recommend this Master¿s for people who are working in the field of ICT and who are starting to manage people and projects, so that they can learn and apply the best practices for good starts...

Juan Diego Verdugo Project Leader in Deloitte

...Studying the MA in IT Project Management has been a key contribution to develop my professional career. The knowledge learnt and the experience passed on both by my fellow students and professors have allowed me to gain agility in the world of projects, not only from a technical point, but also from a broader perspective on projects and business. Before enrolling to the Masters¿ I worked at the technical department of my company as a software engineer. However, just a few months into the course I was promoted to Technical Head of Projects, which means that now I manage a working team and plan the tasks (development, quality, configuration and delivery of software) for international projects (Europe, USA and Latin America)...

Paul Vargas Machuca Fernández Software Development Manager at Scytl Secure Electronic Voting

...I chose the Masters in IT Project Management for two reasons. On the one hand, and since I've been working as a developer for five years, I wanted to gain a broader knowledge on managerial aspects, whilst making the most of my previous experience. On the other hand, just as importantly, in order to advance professionally and gain experience in several fields of ICTs. In this sector, management is becoming more and more important. Companies are starting to realize that a good management of their projects, preparing a systems plan or following a set of defined procedures are key elements to achieve their goals. For these reasons, it is necessary to have a Masters which gives you all the necessary guidelines to work in the managerial field. The lectures are useful in applying all the theory learnt to real-life practical cases. This means, to situations you may encounter in your profession. The strengths of the course I would say are, especially, the high level of experience of the professors teaching on the course...

Jennifer Moreno Castrelo Senior Analyst Programmer in Alterna Project Marketing

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