Design Management

Postgraduate course. Face-to-face.


UPC School
...It was a very positive surprise to see that UPC School was setting up a postgraduate course of this kind. The concept of Design Management is very widespread in countries such as the United States. I believe that Design Management is a profession with future: design is an important tool for developing business, which currently has room for improvement. From the course itself, I would especially mention the lecturers and speakers, who were very realistic and practical and shared their professional experiences at all times. The postgraduate course has served as a platform of knowledge and contacts for me, as well as shaping and consolidating the concepts which make up design management, an aspect which I have always been interested in ever since my professional beginnings...

Alicia Arteaga Architect. Co-owner and design manager in BAREA fashion. Freelance for various companies like BALVI.

...During the years that I have been gaining professional experience in the area of product development, I used to feel I needed something more: there were some processes in the company that we used to do by inertia, for which I needed to feel more defined and accompanied. I looked for information on courses in this area, and I found the course at UPC School really interesting. I suggested it to the company Educa Borràs, where I have been working for 3 years now, and they subsidised it for me. The postgraduate course exceeded my expectations in many aspects, and it was an excellent idea to organise this type of training, which is clearly aimed at active professionals. Now, my goal is to give that opportunity back to the company and make it grow using everything I have learned...

Sergi Paez Product Development Manager. Educa Borras S.A

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Classes start:20/10/2017 Classes end:05/05/2018Programme ends: 25/05/2018
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Tech Talent Center
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