The UPC School of Professional & Executive Development processes a large volume of job offers, from employment contracts to internship collaboration agreements.

Our aim is to provide professionals trained at the School of Professional & Executive Development with improved career prospects and to furnish companies with the best possible choice of candidates.

The admissions process for professionals studying at the UPC School guarantees that students have the necessary professional experience, and a noteworthy profile in multidisciplinary fields (Architecture, Urbanism and Building Construction; Industrial Engineering; Civil Engineering; Sustainability and the Environment; Information and Communication Technologies; Business Management and Organisation) which brings new added value to companies recruiting these persons for employment contracts or business placement partnership agreements.

Using the virtual environment, companies can publish and manage their job offers autonomously and check and filter candidates they are interested in. Once these have been generated, they are made available on the virtual campus My_Tech_Space, a powerful platform for communication, resources and services to support training where all UPC School students can interact.

To access the employment service management environment, companies need to enter their username and password in the section "employment service" which is on the upper right-hand corner of this page.

Companies wishing to register with the UPC School employment service should send the completed access form which is available under these lines. Once the data has been validated, they will receive a username and password to access the employment service management environment, which will be valid for one academic year, and where they can post their job offers and check candidates.

Employment service:

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