The Tech Talent Center was created for technology-related training and innovation activities. It is a space for exchanging knowledge and experiences that has been set up through the participation, enthusiasm, creativity and talent of all those who make up the UPC School of Professional & Executive Development.

It has modern audiovisual equipment and resources to support teaching, and twenty classrooms and learning areas with a total capacity of over 500 people.

The UPC School of Professional & Executive Development makes its facilities at the Tech Talent Center available to organisations that wish to hold training and working sessions, workshops and meetings.

If you’re interested in using our facilities and would like to make a reservation, please contact us at:

Juan Montoya Egea
E-mail:  juan.montoya@fpc.upc.edu
Phone:  607 34 68 03

Facilities and services

All of the classrooms are equipped with the latest generation of computer and multimedia systems:

  • Electric projection screens (2 x 2 m)
  • PA system
  • A whiteboard with columns and two sliding panels
  • Intercom system for contacting UPC School staff
  • Wireless slide presentation system
  • Video projector
  • DVD player
  • Desktop PC with wide LCD monitor
  • Equipment for videoconferences

Each floor has two multipurpose rooms, which can be used for theoretical or practical classes and are also equipped with the following:

  • Interactive boards, which enable interaction with a computer and make presentations more dynamic

The building is equipped with the following:

  • Wireless internet connection (WiFi)
  • Digital information boards
  • Photocopying machine


The Tech Talent Center has specific facilities and services for teaching staff.

Staff room

The 40 m2 staff room is designed to be a pleasant space in which teaching staff can work and rest during non-contact time. It is equipped with:

  • Two meeting tables and a reading area.
  • A Wi-Fi network, computers, a telephone, a coffee machine and storage space.
  • A screen to which the computers in the room or personal laptops can be connected.

Car park

The Tech Talent Center’s new car park has two floors and capacity for 30 vehicles. Special rates are offered to teaching staff. It features:

  • An automatic number plate-recognition access system.
  • Closed circuit TV surveillance.

Teaching staff can apply for a parking space in the TTC Car Park section on the virtual campus.

How to get to the UPC School

Metro Metro Barcelona

  • L1 Metro Barcelona L1 Glories metro station
  • L4 Metro Barcelona L4 Llacuna metro station

Buses Bus Barcelona

6, 136, 192,B25, B20, H14, V23 and V25

Tram Tram Barcelona

Línies Tram Barcelona t4Tram Barcelona t5

Bicing (public bike rental) bicing Barcelona

  • C/ Ramon Turró, 91
  • C/ Pujades, 121

Car parks Pàrquings Barcelona

  • C/ Pujades, 77-79 (opened 24 hours)
  • El Centre de la Vila - Rosa Sensat street,4 (opened 24 hours)
  • C/ Avila, 48-50 (opened from 7.30 a.m. to 7.30 p.m.)

The School of Professional & Executive Developement is located at:

Logo TechTealentCenter
22@ Barcelona
C/ de Badajoz 73-77
08005 Barcelona

Telephone: 00 34 93 112 08 08

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