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Academic year: 2022-2023
Author: Francisco Fons Lluis / Nikolai Pchelin / Nil Oller García / Pawel Dymek
Director: Mariona Carós Roca
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Hands-on project consisting in the implementation of deep learning (DL) techniques applied to the 3D objects detection and segmentation based on LiDAR technology in real autonomous driving scenarios.

Deployment of DL application targeting automotive autonomous driving / advanced driving assistance systems (AD/ADAS) by combining the following technologies and artifacts:

Neural Network Model: PointNet
Point Cloud Sensing: Velodyne HDL-64E LiDAR
Dataset: KITTI / SemanticKITTI
Point Cloud Viewer Tool: semantic-kitti-api
Computation Platform: Desktop PC equipped with CPU and GPU
The goal of this project was to put in practice the knowledge acquired along the postgraduate course by understanding and digesting the full development cycle of DL applications.