Open Talent "Standardisation in project management"

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The Open Talent session "Standardisation in project management", with Toni Maull, will take place at the Tech Talent Center (c/Badajoz, 73, Barcelona), on Wednesday 4 November at 7 pm.

Project management facilitates the multidisciplinary and broad-based integration of the assets of a company wishing to successfully develop a product, service or unique result in a specific timeframe. Facilitating the flow and reducing the lead time must be at the heart of all improvements, which is why it is necessary to establish the processes involved and enhance the capabilities of individuals. Standardization therefore becomes the essential fulcrum around which the development project revolves.

Taking the development of a wind turbine in a real project as an example, Toni Maull reviews the key points that can affect the implementation of project management, and looks at the success of their application based on the results of this real wind power project.

The speaker

Toni Maull is an industrial technical engineer. With more than 22 years' experience in the wind energy sector in the company Ecotecnia s.c.c.l. and Alstom Wind, he has been involved in product development projects in industrial management and manufacturing engineering, and leading projects straight into the operational sphere. He is currently working with the Lean Management Institute in the project management field.

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19:00h to 20:00h

Taught At:
Tech Talent Center
(Badajoz, 73. Barcelona)