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At the UPC School we offer you tailor-made solutions to develop your organisation's talent. We are specialists in training - both face-to-face and virtual - and in technological support solutions. If you have any other related need, please contact us and we will be pleased to advise you.

Specialists in tailor-made training

At the UPC School we run training courses and itineraries that develop the technical skills and the management and innovation skills of the people who take part. We select the best teachers from both the university and business worlds for our programmes. We also adapt the most appropriate methodologies to each training activity, and offer them to the groups we train and to the learning objectives.

We adapt to current training needs by offering face-to-face training in the classroom and leveraging the potential of new technologies. This knowledge enables us to develop hybrid programmes with combined face-to-face and online training, as well as fully face-to-face or online training.

Synchronous training

We create virtual classrooms in which all students share time online and interact with the teacher, in a system that simulates a face-to-face class. The students interact with each other, communicating and working as a team, while the teacher reviews and evaluates the exercises in real time.

Asynchronous training

PWe prepare virtual campuses for asynchronous or deferred training, so that participants can learn, participate and communicate without having to be online simultaneously.

Tailor-made face-to-face training can be carried out at either our facilities, the Tech Talent Center, or at your company's facilities.

The Tech Talent Center - a space for teaching

Our base, the Tech Talent Center building, located in the 22@ district of Barcelona, is a space designed for training. It contains state-of-the-art equipment and audiovisual and teaching support media. The building has twenty classrooms and learning spaces with a total capacity of over 500 people, as well as an assembly room for 93 people.

Other technological solutions to support training

If you have already implemented the training, but you need to improve it using digital tools, we also offer you learning solutions based on new technologies. We will advise you on how to define the most appropriate solution for management and optimisation of your training. We develop solutions including virtual campuses, academic management environments and corporate websites, and we adapt them to the specific needs of each organisation. Contact us for more information.

Corporate programmes

International stages

Great training initiatives

Tailor-made projects