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At the UPC School of Professional & Executive Development we believe the talent of professionals and their ability to innovate are key drivers of change. We want to put our knowledge and experience in the field of training to work for organisations in order to help them meet corporate and strategic challenges.

We propose in-company training actions that meet firms’ technology and management needs.

The UPC School's company projects are undertaken by a multidisciplinary team that is committed to people and organisations. Our mission is to adapt to the needs of professional teams, and to make rigour, quality and personalised advice for clients a priority.

Leaders in tailored training for companies

The UPC School leverages the knowledge, experience and ability to innovate of the Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya (UPC), and we have a long track record in the field of professional training. We offer:

Technological knowledge

The UPC is a leader in technological knowledge. The UPC School strategically manages the teaching potential and knowledge generated by the UPC, in technology areas as well as in relation to management.

Experience training business professionals

The UPC School can draw on the in-service training experience the UPC has gained over the course of more than 25 years. Over this period, more than 107,000 professionals have been trained with the collaboration of the best teachers from academia and the business world.

In touch with business reality

We maintain an ongoing synergistic relationship with the business environment (organisations, chambers of commerce, business associations, etc), so we have first-hand knowledge of concerns, needs and trends in the business world.

Added value for organisations

Professional and executive training is increasingly essential if organisations are to be confident of their ability to successfully adapt to an environment that is ever more competitive and subject to constant change. At the UPC School:

  • We provide training solutions tailored to address new challenges in technology and management.
  • We develop internal talent to help make organisations more competitive in the sectors they operate in.
  • We select and recruit the most talented individuals for organisations and prepare professionals to tackle corporate objectives.
  • We strengthen creativity and innovation processes within organisations.
  • We link training to the execution of business strategies.
Contact us

Corporate Solutions
(34) 93 112 08 96