Management and Consultancy on new Technologies and Systems

Postgraduate course. Face-to-face.


UPC School



  • Agile and participatory sessions with recognized professionals in the sector.
  • Resolution of practical cases Harvard School (USA).
  • Performing self-assessments in different modules.
  • Postgraduate final project, based on the digital transformation, group and tutored along the course.


Environment and Company
2 ECTS. 24 teaching hours.

1. Impact of disruptive technologies in business

  • changing and complex environment.
  • Impact analysis and future scenarios
  • competitive positioning
  • Innovation in new business models: blue ocean strategy

2. Economic Management Business

  • Basic concepts
  • Operating Account, Balance and Budget
  • Balanced Scorecard (BSC)

3. Case method Harvard (USA)

  • Solving real problems with the system case

4. Innovation Management

  • Innovation as a business process
  • Competitiveness and Innovation
  • Definitions of R & D and TI / Frascati and Oslo Manuals
  • Self-diagnostic methodologies
  • Chiesa model-Voss, London Business School
  • IDEO case study: business innovation system
  • MGPP: Multi Generation Product Planning
  • Open innovation
  • concurrent engineering
Competitive value through the Digital Transformation
2 ECTS. 21 teaching hours.
1. New economic models
  • The business model (Canvas) and the value chain (Porter)
  • The strategic plan of the company: Mission, Vision, Values, Objectives.
  • Digital transformation of ICT: Improving competitiveness

2. The CIO and Consultant: promoting digitization

  • Technology is the way we do things
  • Establish the business model as a basic strategy
  • The organizations products and services, but the important thing is to sell
  • Learning to unlearn
  • Self management
  • Management is doing the right things; leadership is doing the right things
  • The difference between effectiveness and efficiency

3. Outsourcing Services

  • Service Definition
  • Selection of suppliers
  • Definition and execution of the contract
  • Economic analysis
Global IT Management
3 ECTS. 36 teaching hours.
1. The direction in technological fields
  • Aims
  • Evolution
  • The art of direct, personal characteristics

 2. Digital Processing Systems
  • Aims
  • Definition and plan approval system
  • Objectives and performance indicators

3. Negotiation and conflict management
  • Interests
  • And alternative options not negotiated
  • Intelligent commitment

 4. Effective and persuasive presentations
  • The message
  • He is running the presentation
  • Preparation of exposure

5. Management of human resources
  • Communication
  • Motivation
  • Internal and external staff
  • Compliance assessment and career

6. Agile Project Management
  • Profile and functions of the project manager
  • Tools Agile (scrum, lean, ...)
New Trends IT
5 ECTS. 51 teaching hours.
1. The company in the era of the 4th Revolution
  • Business models through Internet
  • Google and Apple: new paradigms
  • Two-sided markets
  • Keys to success in the digital world
  • Smart Cities
  • Mobility

2. Applications related to business (CRM, ERP, SCM, bigdata, Predictive Analysis)

  • Basic concepts and state of the art
  • Business Impact
  • Real experiences

3. Change Management

  • Change vs. Transformation
  • Critical factors of success. Resistance to change and associated risks
  • Levers of action: communication, training, motivation

4. Success stories

  • Integrated vision of two companies from the technological perspective aligned with the strategy of the organization.
Digital Transformation Project
3 ECTS. 18 teaching hours.

1. Stage 0: Presentation and selection of projects
2. Stage I: New business model. Impact on the strategy of the company
3. Stage II: Development of digital transformation plan, ROI, risk management and change
4. Stage III: Group presentation of the project.

The UPC School reserves the right to modify the contents of the programme, which may vary in order to better accommodate the course objectives.
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