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Intensivo Internacional. El Espacio Público Verde

Lifelong learning course. Face-to-face.


UPC School

This lifelong learning course can be attended as part of the master's degree Landscape Architecture Extended.

Los alumnos trabajarán sobre un proyecto planteado por el profesor invitado, implantado en Barcelona, donde aprenderán a resolver problemáticas concretas relacionadas con los sistemas del verde y del agua.


El objetivo de este taller es presenta la visión personal en la proyectación paisajística de un profesional-profesor de reconocido prestigio, en forma de curso intensivo y por tanto el reto para el estudiante es adaptarse y evolucionar respecto de una metodología de trabajo nueva propuesta por el responsable. Se quiere poner en contacto a los alumnos con contextos profesionales internacionales diferentes al catalán y ampliar las visiones locales. El tema está sujeto a la propuesta del profesor invitado, pero se relaciona con los dos primeros grandes talleres del máster, Los sistemas del Agua y los Sistemas del Verde, que se imparten en paralelo durante los primeros meses del período lectivo.

Who is it for

El curso se dirige a jóvenes profesionales que muestren interés por el paisaje, especialmente a diplomados en paisaje, titulados superiores universitarios de los campos de arquitectura, agronomía, geografía, biología, ingenierías, etc... y licenciados interesados en la intervención del paisaje.Subsidiariamente también se dirige a profesionales formados en carreras técnicas que han seguido perfiles propios de formación relacionados con este campo (estudios en el extranjero, cursos de posgrado...) sensibilizados por la intervención en el paisaje.



Intensivo Internacional 1. Entre el Espacio Público y el Verde
2 ECTS. 25 teaching hours.
International Intensive Course. A one-week course. The aim of this intensive workshop is to present a personal vision in landscape projection of a professional-teacher of recognised prestige in the field. The idea is to show the students international professional contexts different form the Catalan ones and to widen their local vision and understanding. The theme will be determined by the invited professor, but will be related to and taught in parallel with the first two main master¿s workshops, the Public Space Project and the Green Systems
The UPC School reserves the right to modify the contents of the programme, which may vary in order to better accommodate the course objectives.

Management & Faculty

Academic management

  • Bellmunt Chiva, Jordi
    Architect by the School of Architecture of Barcelona - ETSAB architect in 1980, since 1982 is professor in the Department of Urban and Regional Planning (UPC). Since 1987 is Professor of the Master of Landscape Architecture (UPC) and since 2000 is its director. From 2000 to 2006, is director of the Higher Certificate in Landscape of the UPC. It is part of the scientific committee of the Paesaggio Architettura journals, Paisea, PaiseaDos, Paysage, Kore and Paisajismo. He is a member of the scientific committee of EURAU'08 (European Congress of Architectural and Urban Research), 'Paisajes 08' and Expopaisaje 2014. Organizes the six European Landscape Biennials of Barcelona. Is a visiting Professor at various university campuses worldwide. He works as an architect and landscape designer. Exhibits and publishes his work in various specialized media and books and articles. He has won major awards throughout his career.

General information

2 ECTS (25 teaching hours)
Start date
Classes start:11/12/2017Classes end:15/12/2017Programme ends: 22/12/2017
Monday  16:00 to 21:00Tuesday  16:00 to 21:00Wednesday  16:00 to 21:00Thursday  16:00 to 21:00Friday  16:00 to 21:00
Taught at
ETSAB - Escola Tècnica Superior d'Arquitectura de Barcelona
Av. Diagonal, 649
Contact person
Clara Mas Codina

Telephone: (34) 93 401 64 11
Lifelong learning diploma issued by the Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya. Issued pursuant to art. 34.1 of Organic Law 4/2007 of 12 April, amending Organic Law 6/2001 of 21 December, concerning Universities. To obtain this degree it is necessary to have an official or recognized university degree equivalent to a bachelor's degree or diploma. Otherwise, the Fundació Politècnica de Catalunya will only award them a a certificate of completion.

In the case of having a foreign degree check here.
Virtual Campus
The students on this Lifelong learning course will have access to the My_Tech_Space virtual campus, an effective work and communication platform for students, lecturers and course directors and coordinators. My_Tech_Space allows students to find background material for their classes, to work in teams, ask their lecturers questions, consult their marks, etc.
Employment service
Students can access job offers in their field of specialisation on the My_Tech_Space virtual campus. Applications made from this site will be treated confidentially. Hundreds of offers appear annually of the UPC School of Professional & Executive Development Employment service .The offers range from formal contracts to work placement agreements.
Registration fee
300 €
The registration fee must be paid before the beginning of this Lifelong learning course.
See the section Discounts, loans and financial aid for possibilities of advantageous financing conditions.

Applicants are given the option of making a voluntary €5 contribution when formalising their enrolment. As part of the UPC's 0.7% Campaign, this donation will go towards meeting charitable needs in developing countries.


Language of instruction
Spanish / English

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