Executive Master in Bussiness Administration (MBA)

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The Executive MBA in Business Administration and Management opens up new opportunities in the careers of professionals, with a substantial improvement in their value, skills and job prospects. The programme is taught on a part-time basis, which means that the participants can continue with their usual professional routine. This helps them to contribute the knowledge they acquire on a day-to-day basis to their classmates, exploring real situations which they experience in their company every day and sharing them in class.

The participants on this MBA course acquire a strategic and global perspective of the different areas of the company, while developing skills and competences that today's companies require. They also receive training to assume posts involving greater responsibility within organisations, as well as undertaking their own business project.

The profile of the participants is an average age of 32 years and with approximately 6 years of professional experience. Relationships in a group, teamwork and constant decision-making with peers with very different academic, professional and cultural profiles means that each participant's professional development is very enriching, thereby contributing to their success in their professional careers.

The team of lecturers, who have a predominantly professional profile, consists mainly of entrepreneurs, executives and liberal professionals. The programme has been constantly updated since its inception, following the constant developments in the changes taking place in organisations. The contents of the course are reviewed annually based on suggestions made by the students and professionals in the business sector. The teaching methodology is mainly based on lectures, practical cases, group work, group dynamics and the master's degree final project, in which each group will formulate a business plan.


  • Enhance the students' professional talent by competency-based learning, making them into leaders with decision-making skills.

  • Through collaborative learning, obtain a global perspective of the company and how decisions affect the different functional areas.

  • Attain a global view of business models, through the exchange of knowledge and experience between students with a variety of cultural backgrounds.

  • Learn to deal with the complex situations that arise in all organisations: manage processes of change and broad-based teams in order to achieve an objective.

  • Identify new business opportunities, develop innovative capacity, and the launch of a new business project or idea.


Who is it for?

•University graduates with professional experience who wish to expand their knowledge in the business field.

•Professionals with managerial potential.

•Department managers.

•Professionals in any sector interested in broadening their knowledge in the field of business management, who are primarily motivated by developing their skills and abilities, and who aim to give their career a boost and reach positions of greater responsibility.

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