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The master of International Real Estate Valuation is the result of three decades of experience in generating master programs, postgraduate and continuing education courses in the field of real estate valuations and management urbanism Centre of Land Policy and Valuations (CPSV) of the UPC.

This master degree created in response to the need to train highly qualified professionals competency models and valuation under international standards consistent with the progressive regulation of financial markets appeared after the real global crisis.

The International Real Estate Valuation is the only master in Spain granted the student's academic and professional skills for the Minimum Educational Requirements (MER), which allows access to the REV (Recognised European Valuer) The European Group of Valuer's Associations (TEGOVA) .

TEGoVA represents the interests of over 70,000 qualified valuers 60 professional organizations from 33 countries in Europe, and is responsible for the publication of European valuation standards EVS since 1980.

The Spanish Association of Housing and Urban Rating (AEVIU) cooperating with TEGoVA in the EM-REV, is the only professional association accredited by TEGoVA to grant the REV in Spain.

The creation of the European Master in Real Estate Valuations (EM-REV) will open new professional horizons in the field of assessment and management planning, while acquire skills to define and implement measurement methods and dominate international assessment standards hand teachers, professionals in the construction and urban development and TEGoVA own sector. The EM-REV has a methodology based on professional practice, thanks to new technologies, allows you to balance their professional training tasks, without sacrificing the proper networking in the traditional classroom.tegova rev aeviu

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  • Centre de Política de Sòl i Valoracions


  1. Conduct, with the highest level, property valuations and urban, and urban management projects, using the methods, rules and appropriate international standards.
  2. Perform assessments of real estate and urban projects where the economic-financial legal analysis (urban management) and becomes crucial.
  3. Implement, deftly, methods of assessment, evaluation and analysis of new developments and property valuations and urban.
  4. Advise the involved agents, such as companies, financial institutions, family offices, brokers, investors, courts, administrations on investment in real estate valuation and processing operations and applying the relevant evaluation criteria realtor.
  5. Develop a career suited to the requirements of an increasingly globalized context, through the knowledge of professional structures, business models and forms of self-regulation in force.
  6. Analyze the implications of regulatory, economic, political and social analysis on the value of real estate and processing operations context. 
  7. Prepare or supplement existing training to qualify for accreditation as a Recognised European Valuer.

Who is it for?

  • Architect, Technical Architect, graduate or entitled Sciences Building, Economics, Business Administration, Civil Engineering, Industrial Engineering, Engineering in Agriculture, Law, Geography, and related qualifications, or that are in the final year of studies and want to guarantee a future career in either the private or public sector.
  • Professionals who want to expand their skills because they are engaged in property development, the facility managment, to property management, management of family wealth (family offices), or are entrepreneurs. Develop as Agent Real Property, Risk Analyst, Investment Analyst, Property Administration, Municipal Architect, Municipal Secretary in the Legal and Economic Services, and related professions.
  • Professionals engaged in real estate valuations, and feasibility studies, land subdivision projects, urban planning, the expertise and knowledge they want to deepen under a geographically and temporally flexible program.


This program is offered in methodology on-line, through a virtual learning environment that will allow the student:

  • Access to all materials in digital format. Documentation, exercises, videos, tutorials and other resources.
  • Sessions Online Adobe Connect. Video sessions online with Adobe Connect platform. This technology allows students to interact and communicate directly with faculty and peers simulating a real classroom.
  • Monitoring supervised. Teachers guide the learning process of the modules and the final draft proposing questions on the forum, responding group and individual consultations and clarifications required for assessment activities. Advising the student will be continued throughout the course and will take place through direct communication channels Platform: messages, forums, video conferencing, etc.

The European Master in Real Estate Valuations is divided into 3 blocks and a final draft master. Each block is developed through different materials of theoretical and practical workshop content and practical application. The topics addressed in the workshops responds to real cases that aim to develop skills in applying the techniques studied and resolution strategies professional challenges. The set of workshops and the final dissertation have a thematic coherence.


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Next course:
October 2019

(360 teaching hours)

Registration fee:
7.100 €

Language of instruction:
Spanish / English

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