Engineering in Industrial and Environmental Security

Postgraduate course. Face-to-face.


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Understanding the industrial and environmental safety framework and how to apply it to each specific situation is essential in ensuring the smooth running of any activity in the sector. This applies to the use, operation and maintenance of facilities and equipment and production, and the use or consumption, storage and recycling of industrial products.

This postgraduate course in Industrial and Environmental Safety trains real specialists in a thorough knowledge of and how to apply the system of mandatory provisions created to prevent and limit risks in a business environment, and how to provide protection against accidents and disasters capable of causing harm to people, property or the environment. Every company must study the processes by which risks in the industry are minimised, and apply and renew them on a dynamic and constant basis.

Industrial safety does not only affect technical factors in its facilities or equipment, but also the safety of the workers themselves. Every company must take responsibility for complying with a range of regulations and conditions that guarantee workers' safety and protection from the workplace hazards arising from the use of its facilities.

The postgraduate course is aimed at technical and professional managers who work in sectors as diverse as maintenance of industrial facilities, vehicles, buildings, and infrastructure; construction and engineering; occupational hazards prevention, and of course specialists who work in the public sector.

With the collaboration of:
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• To obtain a thorough knowledge of the regulations and legal provisions governing industrial and environmental safety.

• To find and apply particular or complex solutions in the field of industrial safety in each specific case, adapting it to whether or not it is included in the regulations.

• To specialise technically and legally in adapting machinery with a CE certificate, effectively meeting the needs and obligations affecting the lines and equipment used in production centres.

• To examine the compliance of work equipment with the regulations, and particularly Royal Decree 1215/1997.

• To act as a consultant in matters of industrial safety with updated technical criteria.

• To become part of the inspection group for monitoring bodies or the government.

• To be a necessary benchmark within the company for the application of new regulations and their impact on the productive cycle in any sector.

• To be the ideal partner in dialogues with inspectors and government officials.

Who is it for

- Engineers, scientific-technical graduates and project management architects.
- Engineering technicians and consultants in the field of installation projects.
- Technical inspectors of oversight bodies, engineering bodies and inspection and control services for public and private institutions.
- Technicians working in or wishing to focus their career towards institution working with the government in industrial safety, processing of licenses for works and/or activities, and environmental oversight.
- Safety and prevention managers for establishments, activities, buildings and infrastructures.
- Managers and directors of Technical Vehicle Inspection (ITV) stations.
- Specialists in prevention of occupational and technical hazards in companies needing to draw up Self-protection Plans.
- Local government specialists, or specialists working in industrial safety departments for autonomous regional government bodies.
- Environmental managers in companies and institutions.
- Specialists interested in focusing their profession on the field of legal expert opinion.
- People without previous experience wishing to work professionally in the field of industrial safety.

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(170 teaching hours)

Start date:
Classes start:23/11/2018 Classes end:03/05/2019Programme ends: 24/05/2019
Friday  16:00 to 21:00Saturday  09:00 to 14:00
Taught at:
Tech Talent Center
C/ de Badajoz, 73-77

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4.200 €

Language of instruction:
Catalan / Spanish

Registration open until the beginning of the course or until end of vacancies.

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