Aromas and Fragrances: Formulation, Properties and Applications

Postgraduate course. Face-to-face.


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One of the characteristic features that enable one product to be perceived and distinguished from another is its smell. We are constantly subjected to olfactory stimuli that cause different reactions, in food (aromas) and other products (fragrances), which are both natural and prepared as a result of the work of specialists.. This is why we are presenting the second postgraduate course in Aromas and Fragrances. Formulation, Properties and Applications: to train specialists in the creation of aromas and fragrances and their application in various sectors such as cosmetics, perfumes, pharmaceuticals and the food industry, among others.

The formulation of aromas and fragrances relates smell to the substance to which is added. It is therefore necessary to know which raw materials you can use to create a composition. The postgraduate course explores the nature of these products, their chemical and organoleptic properties, how to obtain natural products, their synthesis, analysis and how they can be incorporated into a finished product. Once these products have been created, students also will be able to introduce them to the market in accordance with legislation.

The content of the programme not only covers the most widely used olfactory techniques and analytical methods, but also personal creativity in creating aromas and fragrances. The support of institutions with experience in these disciplines and teaching by professionals specialising in this field means that students on this postgraduate course receive knowledge that is updated and related to the real needs of the present and future of the sector.

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  • Obtain in-depth knowledge and analyse raw materials and their organoleptic properties.
  • Apply isolation and analysis techniques to determine the qualitative and quantitative components of aromas and fragrances.
  • Learn about olfactory techniques and develop them.
  • Enhance personal creativity oriented towards the formulation of flavours and fragrances.
  • Apply product creation to aromas and fragrances in a wide variety of industries: food, herbalism, cosmetics, wine, chemistry, hygiene, household products, etc
  • Marketing of finished products in various sectors in accordance with the law.

Who is it for

  • Technical and sales professionals in companies in sectors such as food, perfume, cosmetics, personal and household hygiene, etc.
  • University graduates with science degrees, especially in areas such as biology, chemistry, veterinary sciences, pharmaceuticals, and in agricultural engineering, chemistry and food.
  • Professionals wishing to start their career in the creation and application of aromas and fragrances. They can benefit from the postgraduate course after a preliminary assessment of their knowledge.

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