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Design is much more than simply sketching or defining forms, objects and products. For a long time now companies have been depending on Design Managers, professionals who work on design as a global process, to look beyond the obvious things that everyone sees. Design is an important asset for a company and it must be planned and managed strategically to provide a business or institution with an identity and a leading role in the market while helping it achieve profitability and customer loyalty.

Design Managers have the opportunity to demonstrate how design can help link creativity with innovation in a way that both concepts can create added value. Design can include a wide array of activities that include planning and developing procedures, technical specifications and other functional characteristics of new products or services.

The task of a Design Manager is to develop, organise, plan and oversee the design resources within an organisation. Products and services created in this way focus on the needs of the client and business objectives at the same time. This course seeks to make the Design Manger an official position given that this position already exists in companies and institutions and because up until now there has not been any specific training dedicated to this area of specialisation.

Organized with the collaboration of: Barcelona Design Centre

Barcelona Design Centre


  • Provide participants with the tools they need to develop their foresight, creativity and innovation skills.
  • Identify the new role of the design manager as a person who catalyses knowledge and drives new ways of thinking in the collective creation process.
  • Give students the instruments they need to develop their management and emotional intelligence abilities to efficiently lead and coordinate teams.
  • Develop the ability to understand and effectively communicate with design professionals from different disciplines.
  • Position design as strategic element of business excellence.
  • Comprehensively define a project from its conception and planning stages to its execution by utilising management tools.

Who is it for

  • Professionals from design departments and/or managers working in design organisations or institutions.
  • Managers with broad ranging academic training who are not currently recognised as Design Managers but are responsible for the strategic design duties within their companies.
  • External design and/or innovation consultants from diverse backgrounds who are involved in strategic decision consulting for companies.
  • Product Engineer. Brand managers and Product managers.
  • Professionals who work in related areas or who are interested in working in this sector: Architects (with advanced or associates degrees), Industrial Engineers (with advanced or associates degrees), Designers, Degree holders in Arts and Humanities or Social Sciences.

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